Looking at the Turkish real estate market, you will notice that a large percentage of foreigners looking for apartments and real estate for sale in Turkey aim for real estate investment, owing to the many facilities provided by the Turkish government and the numerous amendments to its laws. Now it has become easier to get a property in Turkey as many additions in the rules make it easier for the individual to go there and get property in the most famous cities.

Turkey is a good environment for the growth and success of all types of investment, particularly real estate investment. Right now, it is considered a good time to buy real estate in Turkey as the prices are pretty favorable and allow the individual to get a good return in the future. Further in this article, we will discuss some tips and recommendations for buying a suitable property for yourself.

Some Of The Tips And Recommendations To Buy A Suitable Property In Turkish Real Estate:

Let’s check out some tips that can help you buy the most suitable property in Turkey and invest your money in the best way possible if you are not familiar with all the things necessary for you to know before making your final decision.

Investigate The Real Estate Market Thoroughly:

First and foremost, before purchasing property in Turkey, you should thoroughly research the real estate market, its reality, and its future. Before reaching out to anyone regarding real estate investment, it is important to do good research about the real estate market. Try to research on your own and check out reliable sources on the internet.


There is a lot of information and details about it that you are unaware of, which makes you vulnerable to fraud. As everything is on the internet, you must check out reliable sources that can help you know more about the conditions in Turkey. This is the first step towards ensuring success and profits, providing that your decision is correct without any room for error.

Seek The Advice Of A Real Estate Expert:

Several people believe they can buy property in Turkey without the assistance of a real estate consultant or company. Still, in reality, they will face numerous obstacles and difficulties due to their lack of experience in the Turkish real estate market. You must rely on someone who has enough information about the area and can guide you about all the things that are essential for you to know. Sometimes it becomes hard to know about certain things related to property because of several terminologies.

You will find many distinguished residential and investment opportunities in front of you as a result of your extensive experience in the Turkish real estate market, thanks to the good relations with the most important construction companies. It is important to contact certain sources that have the appropriate information. It should be noted in this context that as the demand for property in Turkey increased, so did the number of real estate companies and consultants, but this does not mean that a random company should be chosen; rather, there are specific criteria to consider, which are as follows.


Examine the real estate options available to them.

– It must be well-known and respected in the Turkish real estate market.

– Determine how many clients have previously dealt with the company.

– Consult those who have prior experience.

– Examine the number of real estate sales that have occurred.

If you want to make good real estate investments in Turkey, then it is important for you to check out and learn more about real estate investment in detail.

Choose Best City For You:

First and foremost, you must select the best Turkish city for you and your investment objectives. You must research each of them and examine their features and specifications, as well as the most important real estate projects available in them. You can have properties in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, and many more. It mostly depends upon which city makes you stay there. Try to look for the properties that you can buy at a lower price, but you see a prospect of a high rise in the selling amount.

Undoubtedly, each city in Turkey has unique advantages and characteristics. Still, if you look at the annual and monthly statistics released by the Turkish Statistics Authority, you will notice that Istanbul is always at the forefront and first place in total real estate sales volume. Istanbul is one of the most favorable cities for getting a property, but you must check out other cities too because sometimes the property in others can also be good in price.

You Must Choose The Right Time:


A smart investor is one who chooses to buy an apartment in Turkey or any other type of property at the appropriate time to help him achieve the results he seeks, where real estate must be purchased when the price is low. When you want to sell, you must choose the time when prices are high. Other than the area, timing also matters. Sometimes at a particular time, some areas face a bad period and do not have a good selling rate in properties. This can make it hard for you to sell your property, but if you are thinking of investing, try to look for properties that can be bought at a lower price, but in the future, they will see a tremendous rise in price.

For instance, an investor can purchase a property under construction at a lower price than a ready-made property in stages and percentages. When the construction stages are completed, the prices rise at a high rate that may range between 30% and 80%. It can happen when you buy, so be attentive.


This article contains all the essential information about real estate in Turkey and how you can buy the most suitable property for yourself. This article will work for you as a guide.