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We all want to live in a space that is tailored to our personal needs, in which we feel comfortable and serene. However, in the living space, we spend only part of our day – while the other part we spend in our workplace, that is, in the office. Given the amount of time we spend at work, we can say that our workplace is also our second home.

So why not feel as comfortable as if we are at home? If you have expansion plans for your office in 2024 – here are some tips on how to do it. We will show you some of the details that you need to pay attention to.

Modernly Decorated Office

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A workspace should be a mirror of every company. It is directly or indirectly affecting the functioning of employees, their relationships – as well as the impression that the company leaves to potential clients.

To achieve a productive and comfortable work environment, it is necessary to find a balance between the atmosphere provided by our own home – and the quality work atmosphere.

Office – Now And Then

In addition to excellent visual solutions, the modern office offers better working conditions for employees – as well as a functional, safe and comfortable work environment. It also aims to present your business in the best way. The time when the walls of the offices were painted in white when the desks were exclusively wooden, and the chairs were reduced in shape –  is long gone.

Before moving on to some office setting up tips, let me briefly refer to an alternative solution for expanding your corporate space. The fast pace of life has caused people to change their daily habits, both personally and professionally to try to keep up with the pace of life. For this purpose, shared office spaces have been created to make life easier for business owners and to rid them of many time-consuming business activities, such as office building and arrangement. They come fully furnished, well equipped, ready to go in and run a business. In addition to the benefits in terms of accessibility, shared office spaces are also highly efficient due to their great communication and networking capabilities and are flexible in terms of mobility.

According to statistics In the US , shared office spaces have recorded a significant increase. US big business friendly cities such as New York, Washington, San Diego, Denver are considered the best locations adopting this new work practice.

If you are also a US located business owner, looking for ways to expand your business, you can consider choosing an office space in any of this cities, for example finding office space in San Diego for rent, on websites such as, can be a good investment to your business as the city have a great business potential , thanks to strong economy driving by industries such as tourism, international trade, defense and manufacturing and educated workforce.

Designing modern offices requires creativity to help you in making an inspiring and engaging place for every employee. Nowadays, you must design furniture as well as a technique that will help you in your business – but also leave an impression on your customers. So what things should we pay attention to when arranging or expanding an office? Here are some suggestions.

1. Nice Entrance – First Impression

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We know very well from experience that the first impression is very important. Your office entrance space should give confidence to customers – but it should also embody the value of your business. It should be pleasant, warm, welcoming and interesting – but nor too formal or too frivolous.

Accentuating a single wall in vibrant colors, interesting wallpapers, graphics, or even a wall installation can give an exceptional first impression of your business. Natural greenery will add to the atmosphere of the space and will make your clients feel comfortable while waiting for a meeting.

2. Office TV – A Great Way To Grow Your Business

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If you’ve already improved your business by using laptops or computers – it’s time to consider equipping your office space with a smart TV. This is not just because you want to watch matches when work breaks occur (though you can). It can also be of importance to your business.

First of all, make sure that the services you subscribe to are taken from professional companies that will take on the complete work – from installation to some conceptual solutions. You can view CCTV footage on your smart TV once and in a while. It can also be a screen for business presentations and advertisement drafts. The ad experience differs from one device to another. Companies like can do both CCTV and TV installations. Your office TV can do more than just connect you to the news. It doesn’t have to be a leisure expense.

According to, provide clients with a professional service that involves certified engineers with years of experience. Things like this are of great importance because you want your TV to have a useful and not just aesthetic function. Office TV is also a great way to improve your day-to-day business, organize your team, and communicate with your business partners.

How? Very simple. Namely, smart TVs haven’t been used just for entertainment for a long time. Thanks to dashboards, they can be more than a useful work tool and a full-blown investment.

3. Good Office Positioning Choice

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First of all, it is important to decide which office in the firm will be yours. It has to exude unique style, good layout, quality lighting and harmonious decoration. If you choose a poorly positioned office, it will not give the desired impression, no matter how stylish it is. Feng Shui experts say there are two options for a chief’s office location.

In the case of a smaller firm, or a space that has only one floor – the office selected for the CEO is one located diagonally from the main door. If it is a company that spreads over several levels or floors – then the people who run the business are located on the top floor.

4. Choosing Floors

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The choice of the right floor will increase the quality of your working space. This is especially important in hallways, offices, and other rooms that are frequently visited. Considering the proximity of hallways and offices – consider choosing floors that are specifically designed to reduce noise.

Because of this, laminate floors and textile sheets are a very popular choice – since they provide effective sound control and create acoustic comfort. These modular floor coverings will give you flexibility in design while being easy to set up and maintain. The floor surfaces are especially inspiring for introducing colors and different textures into space.

Different flooring textures, designs, and colors can also be used to create marked paths and areas to demarcate spaces for socialization, work, and meetings – as well as offices that are noise-insulated.

5. Colors In Your Office Space

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Although it is a workspace, it does not mean that a complete absence of color is necessary. Choose one color. For example, it can be a color that is specific to your business.

Then, with the help of color, you can accentuate specific details in the space. These details can be in the form of partitions between desks, interesting branding on walls or glass surfaces, the color of chairs, and many other elements that will make space come to life, but moderately and tastefully.

6. Growth Of The Company – Make Sure There Is Enough Room

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One of the important things to think about is the direction your business is headed. If you have a steady number of employees and do not intend to bring in new ones – it will be easier to set up and organize an office, as well as a plan to fit existing preferences. On the other hand, if you are planning to grow and bring in new clients – you will also need office reinforcements or visit this website to help you with self-storage.

As your company grows, it’s going to be natural that you will be hiring more staff, buy more equipment, and get more supplies. Unfortunately, this could lead to a shortage of space. Your once spacious office can feel cramped once you start expanding. Know that the amount of space you have in the office has been found to be inversely proportional to the productivity of your employees. This gets worse if your office is in London. For starters, the office space is not that huge, to begin with. To mitigate this, many offices rent a self-storage in London from to store the stuff they don’t need for daily operations such as extra chairs, files, inventory, etc. This way, the organization can resume operations without having to feel cramped.

This is especially important when it comes to modern offices, where the layout often changes or rotates. Therefore, create a schedule that allows for the insertion of additional chairs, screens, and work equipment – to allow room for other employees to come over time.