Google is a company from California which started as a search engine, while today, they are one of the biggest companies in the software industry, and provide their users with more than fifty products, such as cloud services, e-mail, advertising, smartphones, notebooks and many more.

The main product of this company since the beginning is a search engine, which is in use by 70% of all internet users in the world. Most of their revenue comes from the ads that are based on what users are searching for on their devices. Google is currently one of the biggest companies in the world and shares the top with Microsoft, Apple, and IBM.

The Google Business Model Structure


The Google Business Model can be divided by its structure for a better explanation. First of all, it needs resources, which include servers, data centers, licenses, and human resources.

Also, associates are crucial for the further development of services. Essential partners for Google are the Open Handset Alliance, suppliers, and merchants.

Furthermore, there are key projects, which include research and improvement of existing activities, along with developing new ones. Also, a lot of time is spent on administration, support, marketing, and approach of the company. The Business Model aims to provide users with a valuable internet search and advertising.

There are different channels that Google uses to reach for its users with the advertisement. Besides the support team and sales, there are affiliate websites, AdWords, and their site Also, Google is using its team for customer relations for better support of the customers.


There are three most important types of customers, users, advertisers, and network members. The users are using the information gathered with the search engine, and organizing that data with services and products from Google.

The advertisers are using Google as an effective way to improve the selling of their products or services online. The network members are using the AdSense service.

Other important segments are cost and revenue. The biggest expenditures for Google are its workpeople, infrastructure, and marketing. When it comes to revenue, the primary part of Googles` income is the search engine with advertisements, with more than 90%.

Products and Services


Google offers a lot of products, such as development tools, search tools, mobile applications, operating systems, and a lot more. The most important product is Advertising, which places this company at the top in the first place.

The most popular advertising services from Google are Analytics, AdSense, and AdWords. With Google Analytics, users can see how many visitors are there on their site, and how potential customers are seeing them. The AdWords serves as a help for advertisers to have a better share of their content. Also, with the combination of AdSense and AdWords, owners of websites can share other advertisements on their sites and earn from that.

Google offers many tools for productivity. Some of the most popular are the e-mail service, Gmail. A lot of people are using Google Docs, which represents a free program where the user can edit, create, and share various types of documents. With Google Drive, users can store their data online. Other important services are Calendar, Code, and Translate program.

From other numerous products with the Google trademark, the most popular is the Google Chrome web browser. Also, there are Google Goggles, Google Wallet, Google Fiber project of faster internet, Google news service. Moreover, Google is the owner of the Android operating system which represents the most popular system for smartphones today.