Are you a Canadian or U.S. contractor looking to grow the online presence of your business? As you seek methods that help SEO for contractors, look to those that make your brand consistent and unique. By making these factors a priority, you’ll be able to attract the right people to your website. When you go with SEO strategies that put people first, you’ll be on a path towards long-term business growth.

You’re likely wondering how optimizing your Google Business Profile (GBP) will help improve your SEO game. Today, we’ll discuss the best ways to make that happen and how these methods will benefit you.

Make Sure To Maintain Consistent Contact Data With Your NAP

One of the best steps you can take to optimize your GBP is to ensure your NAP is correct. NAP is short for the name, address, and phone number of your business. Taking this step sounds simple, but your business does change over time and may have had different addresses before.

As you update your business information, make sure your contact data on other directory sites is consistent with your NAP. By keeping your contact data consistent and up to date, you’ll be able to build trust with your audience. Doing so means you can also increase your rankings in the maps section of the search result, too.

Write A Rational Business Description


You can also optimize your GBP by writing a compelling business description. On your profile, Google gives you a max of 750 characters to describe your business. One thing you want to avoid including on there is sales jargon. It can potentially alienate your audience and go against Google’s rules as well.

Here are some things you can include in your GBP business description:

  • Company mission and vision
  • History
  • How your company is unique
  • Products and services

With an outstanding business description, you can give your audience the best details of your business. They also would be more likely to look into your business further.

Choose The Right GBP Categories That Best Describe Your Business

Picking the right GBP category is a prime factor of SEO for contractors. It also can have an impact on your local SEO rankings. For these reasons, make sure to take the time to choose your categories carefully.

For example, if you own a bakery, you might consider choosing “bakery” as your category. These steps can help people looking for bakeries online find your business in the local search results.

If your company does more than one thing, make sure to include subcategories as well. For instance, your bakery may also sell cookies and donuts. In this case, “cookie shop” and “donut shop” would be your subcategories.

Choosing the correct categories and subcategories helps you attract the right people to your business online. It also plays a pivotal role in helping you outrank your competition.

Use The Best Photos For Your GBP


Google also gives you plenty of options for photos you can include in your GBP. Below is a list of photo types you can choose to add as you put together or update your profile:

  • Interior pics
  • Exterior pics
  • 360-degree views

Businesses with photos get 42% more driving direction requests to their location from Google users than businesses without them. They also receive 35% more clicks to their websites.

The best photo practice is to include at least three pictures from each of these business aspects:

  • Employees
  • The exterior of your business
  • The interior of your business
  • Products you sell
  • Services you provide

By following these measures, you can increase your web presence and get online searchers to explore your business further.

Keep Track Of Your Reviews

Review signals are another factor when it comes to SEO for contractors. They also influence whether people will do business with you.

89% of people check out online reviews before visiting a business. 84% of them also trust online reviews as much as their peers. They’re also 31% more likely to do business with those that have great reviews.

If your business gets a bad review, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your company. When this occurs, look to address the consumers’ concerns and work towards solutions that best address their pain points. Taking this kind of approach means consumers will be more likely to think highly of your business. They may even decide to change their rating to a good review.

When it comes to reviews, make sure to be proactive in requesting reviews, too. As individuals leave a positive review, remember to thank them. Such a people-first method means you’ll stand to gain the trust of your potential customers.

Keep Your GBP Q&A Section Up To Date


You can also improve your SEO game by optimizing your GBP Q&A section. Google gives you the option to create a vault of common questions and answers within your profile. They do this to ensure the answers consumers get are the ones you want them to receive.

Like many portions of your GBP, consumers can contribute and control how others view your business online. To provide people with the right questions and answers, use the customer data you have on the Insights section.

By adding the best questions and responding to them yourself, you’ll have more control over the narrative. People may also perceive your business better.

Make Sure To Post Regularly From Your GBP

Staying in touch with your audience is a prime factor for SEO for contractors. Posts that come from your GBP are pretty much mini-blogs. They help give consumers important information as well as updates about your business.

Here are two key things on how posting from your profile can improve your SEO efforts:

Posting Bolsters Your Keywords And Phrases

When posting from your profile consistently, you can boost the keywords you want to rank for to Google’s algorithms. Over time, they build up your association with your relevant goods or services. Taking these measures means you can reach the right people and encourage them to check out your business further.

Posting Drives Up Engagement

Google also looks at engagement when it comes to SEO for contractors. They measure how much you engage with your profile.

As you give your audience regular updates via posts, you’ll drive up your engagement levels. The more you engage with your GBP, the more likely Google rewards you.

With top-quality posts, you’ll achieve two things: better search rankings and more customers.

Choose The Best SEO For Contractors Methods That Help Grow Your Business


When it comes to SEO for contractors, look to methods that make you visible and credible. The best SEO efforts are people-centric methods that drive engagement and build long-lasting relations. With the best practices, you’ll be on a path towards strategic growth for your business. To get more information on SEO practices, check out this site.