In today’s Internet-driven economy, there are more and more people starting their own businesses. As we reach a fork on the road with our careers and lifestyle choices, some decide that working for someone else does not really provide us with enough balance and flexibility that we need in our lives. So we take the plunge and fly solo, and this means we do everything: from the actual work to administration, marketing, promotions and then some.

Surely there are not enough hours in the day to do all those job roles and so many of us work after hours including weekends and even during our holidays. After all, we do not get the employee benefits anymore and we need to be available for our clients.

Finding Balance As An Entrepreneur


So where did the balance go? We want our cake and to eat it too, which means we are chasing our tails and often doing tasks that bring no joy as this does not want we are passionate about, we want to talk to people, create, and do our thing.

Yet we find ourselves running our own social media, typing up proposals, making cold calls, or managing every aspect of our website. What we really want is to outsource and employ people who will do those tasks that we can delegate to but there lies the dilemma. We are not making enough money to cover our salary and our expenses to really justify another headcount. So how does one get ahead?

Getting Outside Help & Support

Very often, young entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to do everything by themselves. Whether it is a matter of pride or just trying to save money, some will work long hours and drive themselves crazy trying to take on too much. This can cause a great deal of stress and overwhelm.

Here are some simple ways you can get some help:


1. Getting a virtual assistant to delegate some administration tasks and allocate funds month by month depending on your needs.

2. Hire a life coach who can help you make decisions and keep you organized. While it can be a bit expensive, it will be well worth it. You can find a life coach here.

3. Find other similar businesses and ask what they do, perhaps you can share a supplier/vendor and get more buying power.

4. Get a marketing guru for those things that you are not good at, they can find the copywriter and have contacts in your line of business. Again shop around for a virtual marketing professional.

Manage Your Finances Wisely

Be ruthless with your finances and allow yourself the luxury of getting outside help. As you need to be working on your own business and if you are spending your time with those mundane tasks you are going away from your purpose. So think about that! This just distracts you from what you should be really doing.

For those who have 2-5 employees think about getting Human Resources Help, again they are around and use them as you need to ensure you have all your employee legislation covered.

With diligent planning increases your debt by getting a loan or increasing your mortgage, I know this sounds crazy however this will give you the time and financial resources to establish your business with the right people and really get it moving. (Keep in mind you need to get your ROI within a specific time frame.)

Get Some Rest & Relaxation


Another important thing to remember, entrepreneurs need a holiday too. Make sure you plan for some well deserved time off and make sure someone can look after your business. (You can always login remotely IF you have to!)

This leads to ensuring that you DELEGATE to others, trust them and let go if you hold your business in your head and if it crumbles without you then how will you take time off?

So being an entrepreneur means you think outside the box, you leverage other people to get to your destination and you make every situation a win-win. This gives you more creativity and you stay on your course being the true creator of your destiny. And remember you want to work smarter in your business so it makes sense to implement one or more of these tips.