Recently social media marketing has become a need rather than a want for every business. It can be attributed to the high number of social media users. A recent study shows that there are over 3.6 billion active social media globally with at least each user following a brand. These statistics indicate the amount of influence and potential for your brand.

Due to the all round the clock availability of social media users have turned to the internet to search for information regarding brands they are interested in. With the right profile and customer service for your brand, you are likely to attract many potential customers. Social media platforms, therefore, is the best tool for every type of business whether it is a startup to well-established brands.

For brands without a good number of following, social media marketing can be a nightmare. To be successful on social media platforms, you need to build an excellent customer service platform, engage your followers regularly and maintain professionalism. Do not forget to keep your regular clients still interested in your brands.

Here are the tips you need to follow to maintain your brand’s presence on social media:

Interact with your followers.

Your followers are also your potential customers. It is essential to interact with them regularly and professionally. More users are using social media platforms to raise their concerns about the various product making it a customer support platform as well. You are likely to grow your brand if you engage with your followers who in turn learn to trust your brand. With every success at a customer level, it is also essential to create products of high quality as they will keep customers coming back for more and giving positive remarks on your social platforms.

Hire a social media task management team.

Having built a successful social media platform that has made your business grow, managing it might turn out to be challenging and overwhelming due to the need to maintain high levels of activities. You might find yourself handling even millions of comments over spread over say ten platforms which presents a high number of traffic.


Most people are turning to social media for all manner of information before making decisions regarding any purchase. Presenting the right kind of solutions will make them develop an interest in your brand creating a new clientele frequently. To keep your loyal clients, you will need to keep your account active and portray a positive outlook every time. That is why it is advisable to hire a team to manage your accounts so that you can focus on more pressing matters.

Borrow ideas from your competitors

To get the right ideas from your competitors, you will need to monitor them closely. Observing them will give you insights and new strategies that they have successfully implemented. Employing such an approach in your business might provide you with the same success. Also following them will keep you updated on the recent trends in the market.

Use paid options.

Creating social media platforms for your brand is free. However, it might not give you the right amount of traffic you require to grow your brand. It is advisable to get paid options to increase your visibility. Social media platforms have various platforms, and it is wise for you to consider your goal and the kind of opportunity offered by each of your platforms. Also if you can’t afford to pay for these services on multiple platforms consider the one with a high chance of success rate.

Some platforms like Instagram are very successful, but very difficult to get a good number of following more so when you are just starting out to build a large number of following you might consider cheating your way by buying non-drop automatic followers or get it from Social10x. It will help you get a good following that will bring attention to your page. With the right content, you will eventually create a real loyal following.

Avoid marketing your brand excessively.

There is a high chance that every social media user who clicks like and follows on your brand’s social media page is interested in your brand. They might have gone through all your posts and gathered enough information that you have posted on your page regarding your brand.


While you are gaining popularity and you want to keep it that way, you might be tempted to keep reposting some of the advertisements over and over. Over advertising creates a picture of desperation and your followers will think that your brand lacks content. They are likely to lack interest which is not good for your business.

Do not disregard negative comments

Followers who post negative comments on your social media page are not to be ignored since they are part of your following. When you ignore such comments, they are likely to lack trust in your brand. Besides the lack of negative comments regarding your brand tends to raise suspicion. You should be committed to providing them with clarity on a professional level, and they might turn out to be one of your loyal customers. If you have a team that handles your social media platforms, provide them with enough training on how to handle such cases.

Diversify your content.

After attracting users to your brand, you have to find a way to maintain that following. It is frustrating to struggle while building a following and painfully watch it go away just because you could not keep them entertained. To secure your following, you have to remember that social media activity is a dynamic process that requires you to engage and interact with your clients. Make sure your users are always having fun and learning from your posts.

To diversify your content refuse to be limited to your brand or using similar presentation formats all the time. You can change presentations now and them, and at the same keeping, your followers intrigued and excitedly waiting for your next post. Also, consider attaching other educational materials to your posts which will keep your users well informed.