Watch enthusiasts and collectors, for the most part, always want to show off what they know about different watch brands they have come to know. While some brands are difficult and challenging to pronounce, they offer watches that most people would love to have.

There are many watch companies out there. As a matter of fact, there are too many of them that it can be hard to know who offers what. But don’t worry! In this post, we’ve rounded up the best watch companies that you need to know. So, take a read!



Jaeger-LeCoultre, a Swiss watch brand, was founded in 1833. This watch company is best known for its elegant, classic designs, particularly the Reverso. The Reverso came into existence in 1931.

According to legend, a British army officer who broke his watch in the course of a polo match in India made demands to Jacques-David LeCoultre to create a design that could outlive or outlast a hit to the face.



The Swiss company first made aviation and diver watches. Then, Breitling took its ingenuity and artistry to design and create luxurious, high-end watches.

Each timepiece is made with the ability to adapt to different things in mind, guaranteeing that whatever the need and occasion, its product will undoubtedly be helpful. Mechanic winding mechanisms and easy to read faces are some of the common features found in most products of Breitling.


This watch company has several firsts to its brand name. Rolex made the first-ever waterproof timepiece called the Oyster in the year 1926. On the other hand, the Datejust is the first Rolex watch with an automatic changing or switching date on the face. To learn more about Rolex, you could check out WatchShooping.

Moreover, the Oyster Perpetual Submariner is the very first waterproof watch to 100 meters that was made in 1953. Additionally, in 1954, the first timepiece to showcase two time zones at the same time, the GMT Master.

Established by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf in 1905, Rolex has become the most prominent luxury watch brand all over the world.



In 1775, Breguet was established, and today, it is one of the many desirable luxury watchmakers. This watch company, now owned and managed by Swatch Group, was accountable or in charge of the creation of tourbillon.

However, its high-end selection of timepieces might be its best achievement or accomplishment in its at least 240 years in existence. Unique dials and coin-edge cases make it super simple to differentiate a Breguet watch in the many timepieces available out there. Moreover, the originality of the brand continues to be shown in its craftsmanship and design.

Audemars Piguet


For the most part, if there is any sign that a watch company has prospered over the years, it is that it has been into existence for decades. Audemars Piguet, founded by Edward-Auguste Piguet and Jules-Louis Audemars, has been in the market since the 19th century.

The brand is best known for making and producing the first-ever steel high-end sports

watch. What’s more, Audemars Piguet made the very first oversized wristwatch in 1993, expanding the ingenuity of the brand.



This watch company is not afraid or scared to go beyond the boundaries of what’s deemed standard in the world of horology. Each watch is a significant statement of creative, imaginative flair that takes watchmaking to another level.

Each watch is a fantastic display of elegance and extravagance made from soft leathers, fine metals, and shaped in ingenuity that is not afraid to create unique designs.



Cartier undoubtedly adores or be fond of a timepiece that shines and glistens, which is very evident and apparent in its most famous, iconic watches. Luxurious materials shine on the faces of Cartier, which is all about attracting and alluring a more royal crowd.

The unique designs are derived from this watch company is highly praised or admired by King Edward VII of England.



The Royal Flying Corps of Britain chose Omega as the authorized and accredited watch of its combat units in 1917. After one year, the US army followed. Take note that it takes a lot for a timepiece to be used and utilized in military use.

And there’s no doubt that Omega has it all. Also, it became a front runner of the James Bond film series, perhaps because of its durability and elegant style.


Looking for a luxurious watch isn’t like finding a new button-up shirt for work or a pair of running shoes. These watches usually have hefty price tags. Thus, the question is, how can you get a heritage-worthy, classic watch? Well, one of the many ways is to look for a brand that you’re interested in.

Then, search through its products. However, it is not a simple task as it may sound. Since there are many luxury watch brands available out there, it can be a real challenge to differentiate brands and what they offer.