The coronavirus pandemic has had so much negativity attached to it but not so much in Canada’s technology world. The demand for technology has risen in several sectors since the pandemic began. Sectors such as education, financial services, logistics, and healthcare have recorded an increase in demand over the period.

The rising demand for tech-related services will see tech startups recording significant growth in their revenues come 2024. Several tech startups have existed for a year or so but didn’t hit the headlines until the pandemic.

The period has seen many startups liaise with philanthropists, like Eugene Melnyk, to give back to the community and expand their customer base. You can learn more about this Canadian philanthropist.

What are some of the outstanding tech startups that have had an impact in 2024 and a promising future in 2024?

The 16 Outstanding Tech Startups to Watch in 2024 in Canada

With almost everything going digital, we only checked at some of the tech world’s key players. Here are some of these outstanding techies to watch out for in 2024.

1. Ruckify


Ruckify ranks as the world’s largest peer-to-peer rental marketplace, making it a key player in the rental market and indeed a business to watch.

The company enables sharing resources among peers without a centralized administrative system, hence reducing unnecessary consumerism. You can as well earn some extra cash from the items you already own.

The core belief systems pushing the sustenance and operations at Ruckify include community sharing, helping one another, and collaborating.

You can choose between renting items from your community members, or you can initiate your own side business and post your items for rent.

Currently, Ruckify does business with individuals, existing rental companies, and small businesses who might want to try renting.

Anytime a new member signs up, makes a rental, or leaves a review in the marketplace, Ruckify will plant a tree to honour environmental wellbeing.

2. Berra IT Solutions

Berra IT solution is known for its outstanding role in offering mobile app development, AR & VR development, blockchain development, and smart contract development.

When you incorporate the company’s services into your business, you can earn a competitive advantage and even move to the coveted next level of growth.

This Canadian based IT Company is the market leader in offering IT solutions and, therefore, a worthy company to look out for in 2024.

3. Developex

With its history and a wide option of software development and product development experience, Developex befits a top contender in the tech industry. Its mission is to offer the most effective software development teams to meet your software needs.

When you sign for a project with them, they will hire and assign talented teams to handle your projects; hence you will always receive high-quality services.

4. True Pixel Group


True Pixel is a team of skilled developers, designers, and strategists. With this mix of skills and talents, they focus on providing outstanding solutions to complex business challenges for clients in various industries. They aim to see brands creating beneficial human connections.

5. Willful

Canadians can now prepare for and deal with the sad reality of death seamlessly with Willful’s help. Willful run their services through their online platform, making it convenient, affordable, and easy for Canadians to create a legal will online.

In the platform, you will get simplified estate planning services, including creating a Legal Will, Power of Attorney for Personal care, and Power of Attorney for the property.

These easy-to-follow steps will allow you to easily create a will or power of attorney without the need for third party help.

6. NorthOne Banking

You are preparing to start a business in 2024 and are yet to get a reliable banking partner? You should be considering the NorthOne business banking option. It is a mobile-first tech-powered bank account created with small businesses, startups, and freelancers in mind.

This business account will help you manage your finances and integrate all your financial tools in a less sophisticated and intuitive manner.

NorthOne got inspired by the fact that many Small businesses were grappling with poor financial literacy, which increased their failure rates. The company has now stepped in to help eliminate these problems so that the upcoming companies can focus on their core competencies.

Being the world-class finance solution to many business startups in Canada, its significant impact cannot go unrecognized. Therefore, it is a perfect fit for the top business ventures to look out for in 2024.

7. ApplyBoard


Founded in 2015, ApplyBoard is still digging its foundations in the vast online education field. Its headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario, runs its online operations connecting students with academic institutions and recruitment partners globally.

Despite the pandemic threatening the smooth running of education, ApplyBoard has been on business and even closing a round of funding that saw its valuation rise to $1.5 billion. It has also continued hiring rapidly, securing almost 250 new employees since March of 2024.

8. Maple

Maple is a hospital and healthcare company that offers virtual healthcare services, which have been very handy and timely during the pandemic. Its job functions include specialization in business development, engineering, and healthcare services.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, the healthcare company started offering free online coronavirus screening. It also launched its virtual clinic software to help doctors perform their duties seamlessly in Ontario and British Columbia.

9. BenchSci

BenchSci is the modern solution to academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies seeking to generate drug names’ searchable results. It uses machine learning to scan millions of data points in biomedical research papers to simplify the drug discovery process.

More than 2,000 academic institutions and 75% of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies trust BenchSci for reliable data. In 2019 alone, Google’s AI fund helped BenchSci raise $8m, indicating it will be staying ahead in its operations even in the coming years.

10. Clearbanc


With its largest job functions being finance, engineering, and sales, Clearbanc is one of Canada’s most trusted financial service providers. The recent e-commerce boom ignited by the pandemic has led to the rise of this fintech company giving it a top position of companies to watch in 2024.

It helps in financing online brands and recently launched a tool that helps startup businesses assess their worth.

11. Symend

This information technology and service firm use analytics and behavioural science to create customized debt recovery programs for clients who need the services. Its largest job functions include information technology, engineering, and business development.

Its offices are in Calgary, Toronto, and Denver, and it got funding of up to USD 52 million earlier in the year. Its plan to hire more than 300 workforces in 2024 with only four years in business makes it a serious startup to watch out for in 2024.

12. BlueDot

BlueDot is a hospital and health care that incorporates the power of big data and AI to give users an early warning system for infectious diseases. Created in 2013 and with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, its largest job functions include business development, engineering, and information technology.

In 2019 December, the firm identified some “unusual pneumonia” cases in Wuhan, which would later turn out to be the dreaded Covid-19 virus.

13. League


As an information technology and services firm, League offers a one-stop platform for employees to seamlessly manage health and lifestyle benefits. Its common functions include engineering, sales operations.

Due to the pandemic, League has shifted some of its operations to entirely remote and scheduled catered lunches to UberEats.

14. BookJane

Health workers in healthcare facilities across Canada looking for gigs have had an easy time locating some with BookJane since its establishment in 2016. Its primary job functions are in the education and healthcare sectors.

The pandemic crawled in and created a gap in the medical service field. BookJane has been at the forefront of helping the Ontario Medical Association to manage the shortage of physicians.

15. Viafoura

Viafoura is one of the leading audience engagement and content moderation platforms working with over 600 brands. It helps them engage, convert, and monetize their digital audiences. Companies sourcing Viafoura’s services enjoy top-notch services, including:

  • Real-time conversations
  • Community chat
  • Personalization tools
  • Live blogs
  • Ai powered moderation

Companies under Viafoura’s help can also easily create active, civil, and loyal online communities. With advanced data analytics, Viafoura helps companies access unique and valuable insights portrayed by their audience’s preferences and behaviours.

In the end, Viafoura helps companies to attain higher registrations and subscriptions and better-targeted content and marketing.

16. Remitr


This Toronto-based fintech startup offers better alternatives to the existing payment options such as a bank, cheque payments, and wire transfers. Businesses can now make payments across Canada to over 150 countries globally in a fast and reliable way.

Found in 2016 by Sandeep Todi and Kanchan Kumar, Remitr today processes hundreds of millions of dollars yearly and enjoys global investors’ support. That makes it a worthy contender in the 2024 list of viable tech businesses to watch.

Final Words

The year 2024 has shown the importance of tech-related services, which has been evident in the growth seen in most tech-related companies. The coming year could be a great moment for these companies if they work hard to maintain the growth rate.