Being a supplier nowadays can be a real struggle for both the suppliers and business owners, because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This situation caused general stress in almost every area and aspect of our life. Many companies faced huge losses, people died, or they aren’t capable to offer the same skills as before, because the coronavirus damaged their health forever.

Also, we were all stressed by the unknown situation that happened to all of us. But, it’s not the first time in humankind’s history to be a challenging and risky time for businesses and suppliers. But, a good supplier should always investigate the cases of post-adult claims. If you don’t know what it is – it’s a case when someone claims something was wrong with some product or service.

Usually, it’s related to the billing, price, or transaction, but it can include vendor compliance, promotions, and shipping services too. But, that can be a stress trigger to the suppliers, because sometimes mistakes are made outside their facilities. You can read more at for this issue.

Anyway, these situations aren’t pleasant at all. Handling a case like this causes a lot of stress, especially when everyone wants to put the blame on the suppliers. Here are a few situations that are worst for them:

1. Natural disasters


When something like that happens, roads can be damaged, vehicles, or the whole space where the goods were kept. Also, due to natural disasters, like fires, floods, or tornados, suppliers are often limited to ship the products to the vendors. So, everyone is complaining about that, without taking in mind that the situation is difficult for everyone.

Usually, these people come up with creative solutions, so they can help other people in need, but that may cost a lot more, and also can be difficult to organize the transport and deliver the product to the people in need. After that, all parties are aware of the struggle, but it’s really stressful when someone needs their food or medicine, and they can’t have it because nature “decided” to cause problems.

As we already mentioned, the COVID-19 pandemic was one of the reasons why a lot of people suffered a lot of stress during the first months, until all of them found proper solutions how to make things easier.

2. The shipping company


Not every supplier always has its own shipping option. Sometimes they collaborate with other companies for this purpose. But, mistakes can be made always, and we all make wrong choices. Choosing the right shipping company is essential for smaller suppliers. Bigger ones must see all the options they have, including the one when they buy professional vehicles and provide the products by themselves.

3. The lack of wanted quantities


We will once again turn back to the beginnings of the coronavirus pandemic. Do you remember when there were no masks, antiseptic gels, and toilet paper available as before? People were buying a lot of them, limiting the available quantities. So, one person bought 100 masks, but 20 other people weren’t able to get at least one. This caused a lot of headaches to the suppliers, because of the high demand.

But, now we all know that even the manufacturers didn’t have their supplies to produce these products and goods for us. But, we were all scared, and in the end, suppliers were those who worked all the time, and put themselves at risk, by providing their regular service.

4. Always unsatisfied clients


They can really be a “pain in the ass” because of their behavior. Some people live to only detect mistakes and talk about them all the time. It usually turns out they didn’t know how to use the product, but the damage is already done, and the suppliers should cope with their claims, to prove themselves right, especially in cases of wrongful claims.

5. The way the vendor takes care of the specific products


All products should be kept in a proper way, so they won’t spoil or lose their purpose. But, some vendors are irresponsible, and they put the products on the shelf, without providing the needed conditions so the product can stay fresh or useful until the consumer buys it.

6. Large demand for some specific products


Let’s take the COVID-19 vaccines as an example. Once they were produced, tested, and approved, it was time for the large packages to be delivered to the countries and medical centers. Some vaccines require special conditions, so they can be useful after they are shipped. It’s the same when someone asks for a large quantity of some supply.

They have to act quickly and organize the transport to the wanted destination and have them delivered to the people or market chains that will use that particular product. It was the same about masks, gloves, and other protective gear we are using to stop the spreading of the coronavirus.


There are a lot of stressful situations in life we have to cope with. The ongoing pandemic showed us that we shouldn’t take things for granted and that we must be aware that when something like that happens, a lot of people, including us, suffer because of that. So, why make all things harder for everyone? It’s good to have understanding for particular situations.

We are all humans. Sometimes the supplier can make some mistake, other times the vendor, and pretty often the consumer doesn’t know how to use the product properly. It’s really bad if you try to put all the blame on others, without checking your behavior first. Keep in mind that these people work with large quantities of products, and their job is stressful by itself.

We are all making mistakes every day, so it’s not the best choice for yourself to expect others to be perfect. Some of these situations can’t be fixed easily, and require a lot of additional work until resolved. But, life is good when there is a little stress and a lot of excitement in it.