Modern technologies are improving our lives in many ways. The expansion of modern technology is affecting all industries, especially when it comes to the digital environment, software development, entertainment, health industry, safety, and more.

One of the most recent trends related to home improvements is related to smart homes and upgrades that can improve convenience and safety. If you are interested in installing advanced security systems in your home, check out A1 Security Systems.

Many technologies can improve safety, such as data encryption, fingerprint protection, facial recognition, integration of mobile devices where you can monitor other objects, smart locks, authorizations, and much more. A lot of these upgrades could be implemented in houses. Here are the main ways how modern technology is improving the security of our homes.

1. Advanced Camera Systems


One of the best methods that are known for a long time is to place cameras inside and around your house. However, this method was much more complicated before, where you had to either constantly look at the screen or hire someone to do that.

There was an option of saving the videos to watch them later, but it was not so convenient since you had to constantly replace VHRs or DVDs. On the other side, modern systems are much more convenient and capable of protecting your home in a much better way. You can install an app on your phone where you can watch a live stream all the time.

Modern cameras are using high resolution and infrared light. Also, you don’t need to worry about storing the videos since they are automatically uploaded on the cloud server. This is a great way to feel more secure when you are going on a vacation since you can check your home at any time.

2. Integration of Mobile Devices


One of the biggest advantages of modern technologies is that you can now connect various appliances and other things in your home with your smartphone. We already mentioned the cameras. However, you can set other things as well, such as sensors, door locks, and even electrical installations. 

If there is a part of your backyard or house where cameras cannot reach, you can add sensors and activate them when you are not at home. That way, you will know if someone is trespassing or trying to break into your house. On the other side, you can connect it with your fridge and other appliances and use it for improved convenience.

3. Facial Recognition


It is common for modern mobile devices to support advanced security systems like facial recognition and fingerprints. You can install that in your home as well. For example, a lot of homes already have advanced locks where you need to type the code instead of using the key. Integration of facial recognition is an even more advanced option. 

The combination of different systems is maybe the best solution. For instance, you can set facial recognition to be the only system for opening the door while you are away. Also, if you are expecting some guests, and you are not at home at the moment, you can easily swap the unlocking method with your phone, unlock the door via smart lock system, or provide your guests with the code.

Smart locks are getting more popular in recent years, especially because they are offering convenience along with advanced security. It can be easily installed on any type of door, and you can control it with your phone. The most common types are using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The version with Wi-Fi is the most useful one since it will be using the network available in your home and you can always control it. For example, there is no need to give your kids the keys to the home and be in fear that they will lose them. The simple solution is to tell them to call you when they are at home, and you will unlock the door, and lock them again when the kids are inside.

4. Smart Light Systems


Even though this is much more useful for the convenience when you are coming home, sudden lighting can be an important factor that might keep away the burglars from your home. Modern lighting systems are also using sensors, and the main advantage is that you can save a lot of money since they will work only when needed. 

Also, you don’t need to struggle with turning them off and on all the time. You can add both light and movement sensors. The light sensor will determine the time of the day when the lights should turn on or off, while movement sensors will turn them whenever someone is passing by.

Last Words

While most people will pay more attention to modern technologies related to entertainment and convenience, it is important to keep track of security updates. That is especially a case if you leave in the house and the neighborhood with private streets and houses that are distant from each other. These are the places where chances are higher for burglars to try breaking in.

Hiring security can be quite expensive, even if the whole street is interested in sharing the expenses. On the other side, adding cameras, sensors, smart locks, and lights represents a cheaper option, especially in the long term. Improvements in smart houses are also very interesting. With the advancements related to cloud platforms and the integration of IoT, we can control all sorts of things in our homes even when we are outside.

Besides the security, it is offering the benefits where you can turn on the heating before you come home, turn on the owner to get it ready for making the lunch, which will help you to make it much faster, or set one of the freezers to start unfreezing, and much more. You can control all of these features on your smartphone. Also, we expect even better devices and systems in the future, which is the reason to keep track of these tech updates.