A new, valuable, and precious idea for a startup is a chance to make a business real and successful. You have a great start now and should move on to your goal. But be wise: a brilliant idea doesn’t make sense if it couldn’t be realized properly.

That’s why you must pay the greatest attention to hiring people for your team. Experts from JatApp blog highlight that you need a full how-to to hire a team you can rely on. So let’s find out how to reach your goal and find the best realizers for your project.

A dream team: how to find the best developers

The first question a startup founder needs to answer is which type of employment to choose. You can hire in-house employees or take advantage of remote workers. Both options have pros and cons but regarding the current situation in the world working with remote employees is a more beneficial choice.

Here are the most significant reasons to prefer working with offshore developers:

You can cut costs. More than ⅓ of startups fail because of a lack of investment. If you hire dedicated team you’ll be able to avoid wasting your money on rent, equipment, workspace, and other important business elements. Instead of these, there are many useful things to spend funds on, for instance, advertising, marketing, salaries, etc.;

  • You will increase your team productivity. Thanks to flexible working hours, your remote developers can do their job better without taking extra effort. They only work at times when they experience the highest energy and productivity level. That is the simplest secret of growing personal productivity;
  • You will create a non-conflict atmosphere in your team. People always have conflicts in small and huge companies. As a project founder or a team leader, you are interested in reducing possible issues for your product’s or service’s benefits. And freelancers will keep a more peaceful atmosphere in your team;
  • You can find high-quality experts. Because of local limits, you have to close in and hire people who are located around your office. Remote employment is a perfect solution in human resources because it lets you work with talented, experienced, and great people no matter where they are at the moment;
  • You may increase your flexibility. When you are running a startup, everything matters. Developing projects faster helps you to take the market and don’t depend on outside issues. Thanks to remote employment, you can easily switch developers between different projects.

These benefits are very attractive because they increase your chances to start and develop your business as you need. Anyway, you can see now the importance of the proper specialists in your team. No matter the employment type, you need to hire a development team that will lead you to success in the end.

How to hire a development team


As a developing startup, you plan to create useful software and deliver it to customers. They should take advantage of your app and enjoy its use to rate your achievements. That’s why finding programmers for a startup is the basic step to a successful and productive business.

Here is good news: there are many ways you can seek potential realizers for your project. It means you are not limited to old-fashioned hiring styles that reduce your chances of getting a qualified, experienced, and talented team of developers. You are free to use the method you like or even a variety of options at once.

Here is bad news: every scenario has both advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if choosing employees by word of mouth is very efficient and fast, you may not find experts with relevant technical backgrounds and experiences. Having similar issues is a typical situation for most ways of hiring developers. But you are capable of predicting the better option and moving towards your goals.

So the most successful approach is to select how to hire programmers for a startup for your situation. You must take into account all your needs and challenges and do your best in hiring new members of your team. So let’s take a closer look at potential options for how to find and hire developers. By analyzing all advantages and disadvantages, you will definitely be able to select one or several of the most suitable and efficient for your case.

1. Using word of mouth

This is one of the oldest but still very efficient approaches to hiring employees. You can talk to your friends and relatives to find people who can join your development team. Well, there is a small chance to find the most dedicated and suitable developers by a recommendation but why not try?..

2. Relying on the Web search

Many developers work as freelancers or the whole development teams promote their services on the Web. You can seek information about them in search engines and browse their websites, social media, landing pages, and other sources for additional information. If someone has interested you then contact a person and have a conversation.

3. Meeting with professionals at specific events

You should spend more time at specific events. Many developers are interested in new projects. So visit conferences, meetings, courses to meet with new people who can participate in your project and bring to it relevant skills. By getting acquainted with relevant people you increase your chances of finding dedicated developers for your startup.

4. Using social media

LinkedIn is made for building professional connections. And other networks like Facebook and Instagram may be useful too. Besides social media platforms, you can also find potential employees on UpWork and similar websites.

5. Working with Managed Services Provider companies

If you don’t understand how to hire developers at all or don’t want to take care of it by yourself then contact MSPs. Such companies may be very useful for small companies, and especially for young startups.

Additional tips in hiring developers


As you can see, you have a great variety of hiring options. Just find the best for your business and keep developing it. To make you feel double powerful, here are several extra tips for hiring a software developer at a startup:

  • Define Your design Conditions

Before you start looking for a devoted development platoon, it’s important to have a clear idea of your design conditions. Define your design compass, timeline, and budget. This will help you narrow down your hunt and find a platoon that can meet your specific requirements.

  • Estimate Team Expertise

When assessing a devoted development platoon, it’s important to consider their moxie and experience. Look for brigades with experience in your assiduity or with analogous systems. This will give them a better understanding of your business requirements and help them develop software that meets your specific conditions. also, look for brigades that have moxie in the programming languages, platforms, and fabrics you need for your design.

  • Review Portfolios and References

A development platoon’s portfolio can give you a good idea of its capabilities and style. Look for brigades that have created systems that are analogous to what you need, and who have a track record of delivering high- quality work on time. also, check their references to get a sense of how they work and how satisfied their former guests were with their work.

  • Pay attention to the time zone differences

If you are located in New York, the USA, and hire software developers from Eastern Europe, you must mention the time differences. While your current time is 10 AM, your team’s local time may be 3 PM. Yes, you have 7 hours of difference because of the timing belt but it isn’t a problem. Just plan your virtual meetings at a comfortable time for both sides and schedule your tasks beforehand;

  • Build high-quality communication

In the modern world, we have a variety of methods to communicate on a regular basis. You may need to use convenient team task management software, personal accounts in popular messengers, etc. Also, it is a good idea to hold personal meetings to spend time with colleagues time after time;

  • Break down cultural particularities

Depending on the country where your developers came from, you may experience several small and huge differences. Starting from a different language to cultural aspects – these things are important. If possible you should better hire developers from cultural areas similar to yours. Besides, being a modern and flexible person also helps to break down such issues;

  • Deal with the paradox of choice

It’s great to have the ability to select the best developers among good ones. But sometimes this opportunity causes negative consequences. Business founders and team leaders lose their priorities and can’t deal with the number of offers. No matter what happens, you should understand your advantages and don’t be stuck with the opposite side of a variety.

As you can see, you can expect developers to have great professional skills, relevant experience and qualifications, a responsible attitude to the job, and many other important features. Only such developers in your team are able to develop your startup and scale it as much as possible. So use efficient methods and tips in hiring a development team, and your project will thrive!