If you are looking for new ways to reach your clients or potential customers, notion templates can help showcase your workflow with the online community. Many people have access to the internet, and having notion templates can help a person gain new customers, meet exciting individuals, learn new things, and make money, among others. If you know how to create notion templates, you can sell them and make money.

Many people would love to use notion templates but need to learn how to create them. If you have the necessary knowledge and skills, you can create and sell the notion templates to them. You can do it as a side hustle while completing other jobs, or if you have many customers, you can do it as a full-time job.

Selling notion templates needs planning, and here are the top three things you need to consider when looking to sell notion templates.

1. Creating Notion Templates

The first thing you need to consider when looking to sell notion templates is knowing how to create them. If you do not know how to create notion templates, you need to learn how to create them. If you know how to create them, you should select specific templates to target certain clients.

If you have never created notion templates, here is how you can create notion templates.

Start With A Brainstorm Session


Start brainstorming on which ideas and topics you can create. For example, select a topic at random such as “web design,” and write down all your points and goals and how they are relevant to your potential clients. If you have instructions from a client, you can use them when brainstorming.

Create A Shortlist

During the brainstorming session, create a shortlist of points and goals that you will use to create the notion templates. Go through the shortlist, identifying weak and strong points. You can choose to improve on the weak points or get rid of them.

Create A Sketch

Using the points and goals, create a sketch of the template using a tool of your choosing. You can use tools such as Figma, Miro, or Flotation to create the sketch. If you have skills and experience, you can use pen and paper to create the sketch.

Create The First Version

After creating the sketch, it is time to create the first version. It does not need to be a perfect notion template but ensure you create something your clients will enjoy. If the first version is good, you can start selling it, but if there are certain things you need to improve, you can make the changes before you sell it.

2. How To Sell Notion Templates


Another thing you need to consider when selling notion templates is the process. After creating the notion templates, the next step is to sell them to your clients. However, before you put your notion templates on sale, you must advertise your products.

Here are the things you need to do;

Give Free Notion Samples

Giving free samples to certain clients can help you spot points or goals you missed while creating the notion templates. You can gift the notion templates to a friend or family member and ask them to use them for a few weeks or months. They can give reviews which you can use to advertise the notion templates to your potential clients.

Select The Notion Template Prices

To sell notion templates, you need to select prices that you believe reflect the amount of work you have put into the project. You can select low prices for simple templates and high prices for complex and high-demand templates. If you are still determining which prices to use, you can use a digital product pricing calculator to select the prices.

Publishing The Notion Templates

After setting the prices, the next step is to publish the notion templates so that your clients can have access. There are many platforms where you can publish the notion templates, such as Notionery, Prototion, and Notion Everything. These digital marketplaces will host your products after you set up your payment options.

3. User Feedback or Reviews


Another thing you need to consider when looking to sell notion templates is user feedback or reviews. When you publish your notion templates or give free samples, you might receive feedback, or clients might leave reviews on the website. This feedback or review can be positive or negative, but you need to utilize them as a sound creator.

To ensure you get feedback, give out questions to anyone who uses your notion templates. You can use Notion Forms or Google forms surveys to collect feedback from your clients. If the platform listing your notion templates has a review section, ensure you read the reviews regularly.

If the users are giving negative feedback or reviews, check if they are giving honest opinions. Use the notion templates, and if their opinions are true, you need to start changing them to focus on the areas that need improvement. If the feedback or reviews are positive, there is no need to change the winning formula.

To ensure you continue to sell notion templates, you should update the existing notion templates. Many notion template creators keep making new templates which can cause you to lose clients if you do not update the existing ones. If the updates have minor changes, you can do so without notifying your existing clients, but if you are doing major updates, you need to notify your clients.

If you successfully create notion templates and clients love them, you should start making others for different topics. Expand your area of expertise to ensure you have a large number of clients.

Selling Notion Templates Is Easy

Selling notion templates can be lucrative if you have a good plan. Some people earn over 100,000 USD per month from selling notion templates, but it is essential to focus on something other than the products when you begin this venture.

If you are a first-time creator, ensure you create good notion templates, build a loyal customer base, and you will become a successful notion template creator within a short time.