WordPress is the ONE platform where people can design all their websites. Be it a single landing page or a multi-page e-commerce site, WordPress has a template and zillions of plugins to fit any purpose. So, what goals of schools and universities can it address, and what themes can they choose from?

WordPress: An Ocean of Opportunities

From the start, WordPress’s principal USP has been its totally intuitive nature. Before WP, one had to be a tech-savvy webmaster to make a website for himself. Then WP came along, and we discovered that a site could be built from special blocks, and even a housewife could do it with her own hands. Developers also come up with funky names for their themes. And if you also need a fancy title, feel free to contact PaperWriter and get what you need.

Whereas 10 years ago, WP was primarily for bloggers and online shops, today it is increasingly more about education. This is no wonder: even a premium WordPress theme costs less than a month’s work of a professional designer, and it holds endless customization options. So, before we describe some WP themes that could be used in education, let’s consider which features may be of interest to schools and universities.

One Theme – Many Pages (Or One)

There are many design platforms today that create special templates for landing pages. An LP may be used to announce a school holiday, a special course at the college or university, a book release, etc. However, if you are already using WordPress, there is no need to switch to another design platform. If you think your current theme does not fit your creative vision, find the one that does. And it can be hosted on the same server as your main website.

Fully Customizable


As each WP theme has a template with building blocks, it is true that all WP websites may look similar to one another. This is why each theme and block can be customized to alter the color and shape. So your school or university will definitely stand out from the crowd.

e-Commerce Ready

Colleges, universities, and online educational institutions want to sell their courses and studying materials. Obviously, it is better to integrate this option into the existing website instead of directing users elsewhere. WordPress acknowledges this and has made some of its educational themes compatible with the best online commerce plugins, e.g., WooCommerce.

Translation Ready


This option is for colleges and universities that accept international students. Such WP themes are compatible with PolyLang plugin and the like, which provide instant automatic translation for website users. Needless to say, this is the best way to attract overseas students to institutions that want to maximize their teaching opportunities.


Many years ago, when the web was still developing, WordPress was criticized for possible security issues. Sites and plugins could be hacked and all information deleted. Today not only has online security risen to the challenge, but regular backups have also become normal practice at institutions.

Premium – or Free


In the business world, you have to be presentable to attract clients and investors. Education is no exception, but your local school may be a bit reluctant to pay nearly $100 for a WordPress theme. The good news is that a lot of them can be downloaded and used free of charge. However, you will still have to buy a domain name and pay for hosting.

These are the reasons why educational institutions choose WordPress today. Below are 11 WP themes that are already being used in the educational sector. Most of them are premium but may have a free option, too.

Zakra Education

This theme is compatible with different browsers and comes with in-built SEO functionality. Fonts and styles can be tailored for any purpose, and the theme comes with integrated e-commerce features.

Education WP


Updated often and packed with Microdata, this theme is one of the most complete WP solutions for the Education sector. Book library and store are available, and each course can have its own commission rate.

Education Zone

Suitable for any kind of educational institution, this theme is translation and e-commerce ready and supports WPML. It can be used for selling courses, enrolling students, and presenting your institutions in the best possible light.



This is a theme for schools that believe that simple means respectable. Websites built on this theme are straightforward and easy to navigate. While not being the most sophisticated theme for education, it comes with customizable fonts.


Using this theme, you can create a fully functional online academy. It allows to make or edit courses, set prices, forums, and course groups, and issue badges and certificates to students.



This theme was developed with children with special needs in mind. It has solid functionality and endless customization options. It also has a mobile theme compatible with smartphones.


One of the world-popular education themes, it can be used by various educational institutions as well as individual tutors. It allows the creation of notice boards and event albums and supports WPML and RTL.



Created especially for learning centers, this theme boasts such features as cross-browser optimization and a course details page. It is also translation-ready and has a contemporary design.


This theme will best suit local schools and educational organizations that sell courses and organize classes. WooCommerce is supported by PayPal, and the entire theme is super easy to configure.



Designed with hospitals and clinics in mind, this theme may be perfect for Science and Medicine courses and institutions. It contains multiple post types, AJAX pagination, and has an optimized page load speed.


This theme contains more than 30 options, over 10 templates, and several custom color schemes. It can be used for promoting events and courses.


We hope that your school, college, or university will be able to choose the template that best fits its needs. They are modern and sleek, fully customizable, with many options for business and development. WordPress never stops evolving, so in the near future, we will see more advanced features developed, especially for the educational sector.