Almost all travelers need a vehicle to roam around freely. Finding the best deals on car rental Dubai is a whole different story than renting a cheap hotel or airfares. It is because renting a car is the least glamorous part of your trip. Also, hiring a car can be a big expense if you don’t know a thing about it or if you are traveling for the first time.

Finding the best and cheap car rental deals can help to save big bucks and make a great difference in your travel expenses. If you are going to travel around for the first time and worried that it will be costly for you? Don’t be… We have got you covered. Just follow the tips and tricks we are about to mention to save the money on rental cars.

Tips to save money on rental car deals in UAE:

  • Look at the car alternatives
  • Find coupons and discounts
  • Don’t rent a car at the airport
  • Use a rental friendly credit card
  • Reserve the car for a little longer period
  • Prefer to book a car online
  • Pay for the insurance if you really need it
  • Join loyalty program
  • Fill the tank
  • Pay before you rent to save more
  • Check the refund policies if you cancel the prepaid deal

Look at the car alternatives

Always look at the alternatives first as if there is a local host who can help you travel from the airport to your destinations. Or you could use uber or taxi or share a ride with other travelers? Considering these options before booking a car can help you save a lot.

Find coupons and discounts

Do some coupons and discount research on the internet before you rent a car online. There is a lot of competition in this industry and companies are offering the best rates to stand in the competition. You can save up to 30 to 50% by using these codes and loyalty points are the win-win situation.

Don’t rent a car at the airport

Rental companies may charge you much higher than normal at the airport. It is because they know you are in a pinch and you would take a car even if it is costly. Maybe you forget to book an online car and at the airport, they will charge you much so avoid that. As an alternative, you can choose a taxi at that time and rent a car after that according to your trip duration.

Use a rental friendly credit card

If you are using a credit card for car hire, make sure to use the credit card that offers the potential for rewards of different types. It may round-up for both insurance and points benefits. So, it’s worth it before you book.

Reserve the car for a little longer period

You can add a few extra hours or days according to your trip duration. It is because you have to pay fine or additional charges if you return the automobile later than due time. This idea works best especially if you know somehow that your trip to UAE may extend. Also, if you return the car earlier you may get the prorated refund.

Prefer to book a car online

We recommend you rent a car online as you can enjoy the best rates and it will also provide you the ease of mind. Check out the major rental car providers in UAE like Hertz, Dollar, etc. To avail of the most discounted and affordable price, you can go for They are offering the best prices for all daily, weekly, and monthly packages. Also, make sure to compare the prices, features, and benefits of different companies before making a final decision.

Pay for the insurance if you really need it

Most car rental companies or travel agencies will force you to buy additional insurance and you have to pay 20 to 40 USD extra for every single day. So, choose insurance policies wisely before you make the final decision. Also, we recommend you don’t opt for the insurance as it is not worth buying. You can consider paying by credit card that offers free rental car insurance in the first place.

Join loyalty program

If you are a frequent traveler, you can also sign-up for the loyalty program of rental car companies. Just choose the destinations you want to visit and select the company that is offering handsome packages or deals. By joining the loyalty program, you will be able to enjoy fewer prices and better deals.

Fill the tank


Always make sure to check the gas meter when you get in the car. You have to return the car with the same fuel level and if you fail to do so, they will charge you for it. It’s cheaper for you to fill the tank as gas is cheaper in UAE. Also, try to return the clean car so you can get the complete deposit fee.

Pay before you rent to save more

Most car rental companies offer 2 types of rates. If you are booking online then you should prefer to pay before you rent a vehicle. Prepay amount will help you to save an extra 20 to 30 percent easily.

Check the refund policies if you cancel the prepaid deal

Many car rental companies offer you a refund if you cancel the rental car booking. But, at the same time some companies don’t offer any refund if you cancel your trip. So, always make sure to opt for the best rental car companies that offer the complete refund in your bank account in a few span of time. If you are booking a car before your trip and prepaying for it, make sure that your plans won’t change. Follow these tips and tricks to save the extra money on your rental car in the UAE.