Whenever people get a chance to go out for a trip, they rent a car and start their journey. But not everyone cares about the cost and actually doesn’t know how to save big on car rentals. It would help determine what facilities you are getting from that car before making an agreement or using the credit card for rental service. For this reason, we will share the 7 best tips and tricks that will help you save big on car rentals.

1. Participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program


If you need to use the car on rental regularly or most of the time, in this case, you can take part in a loyalty rewards program. It will save huge money. Such kinds of programs are useful to guide the user with some important perks at the time of car rental.

The perks are more beneficial for you when you rent more cars. Besides, many of them incorporate any semblance of skipping lines as well as free upgrades. The loyalty programs are 99% free. Moreover, it will not take more than five minutes. When you participate in one program, the car rental company will give you top priority and consider you as their most significant client.

This will let the company know about your favorite vehicles. So whenever it is available, the company will inform you. They will also make sure your favorite car is available whenever you require it. But these are just one perk that you will get after joining a loyalty program. So you can achieve more points by taking rent for more cars.

2. Get Coupons & Make Deals

Some companies offer coupons and amazing deals on car rental. You can find these companies who are offering coupons for their products. Only specific or big companies don’t offer coupons. Every business has this kind of feature to engage their customers as well as get new customers. This is a great marketing policy. Coupons and deals are an extraordinary method to save big cash off your total budget.

Most of the time, you can get more than 50% off when purchasing any service. So it would help if you looked for companies who are providing such offers, even though finding these coupons is fairly troublesome. But this is really an incredible way to save big on car rentals.

3. Keep a Rental Friendly Card


You should use rental friendly credit cards. Some cards are helpful to get a specific service or product. So it is recommended to use rental-friendly cards when paying the first-rate off your rental as it will be really favorable for you. This card will save you a ton of cash. If you give some time and obtain this card, it will certainly be worthy for you.

Here is the list of rental friendly cards that you can use:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • United Explorer Card

Each of the three provides signup bonuses and gives you the ultimate result for your next vehicle rental.

4. Look at Different Prices Online

Another best way of saving money during car rental is by comparing various car rental companies’ prices. You can visit different local company websites and look at their pricing plan.

Some will offer a high price, and some may offer a comparatively low price. As a result, you can see various pricing plans and select the one that suits your budget. Platforms like Priceline,, and Kayak are outstanding sites for comparing prices and deliver you updated information regularly. So you need to do a little work and search for various car rental sites on your computer to choose the best pricing. Thus you can save a big amount of money on car rental.

5. Never Rent a Car at the Airport


An important guideline on car rental is never hiring a car at the airport as it is very costly. Various are delivering this service and earning big cash from tourists who don’t have the actual fare. This is how people are spending a lot of money on car rental.

Moreover, everything is quite expensive at the airport. The normal foods can be found at a cheap rate outside of the airport, and the same thing is double priced in the airport. That’s why car rental companies are also taking this advantage. The best method is to contact a local car rental earlier and tell him about your arrival time. In this way, you can get an affordable car rental service and save your money.

6. Don’t Buy Insurance

Maximum car rental company will persuade you to buy insurance. It seems to be a good idea, but if you don’t want to spend extra money, you can totally avoid it. The insurance will cost you an extra $20 to $40 per day.

The insurance covers if you somehow make any scratch or any other harm is caused. But if you possess an AAA membership, then you don’t need to buy any further insurance. So skip this extra cost, and thus you can save your money if you already have insurance.

7. Ask for Discounts


Many companies offer discounts to new customers, senior citizens, military personnel, or special category people. Sometimes they also provide discounts on different occasions to promote their brand, attract customers, and make more sales.

But the main fact is some companies do not reveal their discount offers. In this regard, you can simply ask for discounts if the company is offering. It is not a big deal to ask for a discount. It is just a simple query. So asking for discounts can save some money on car rentals. If you are browsing the car rental websites online, you should always visit the special promotion page.


The tips and tricks that we have listed above are really effective and useful. You can learn more tips and tricks from So we would like to suggest if you follow the above guidelines properly, you can easily save a lot of money on car rentals.