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The products any company provides must be constantly improved. Without gradual development, it is impossible to keep consumers’ attention and remain a popular brand. Customers who regularly use your products should not experience the lag behind other similar offers in the market.

To keep the attention of consumers, it is necessary to develop new options of improvements. The changes can be both the creation of a new interface for an application, and the expansion of functionality with the help of additional resources.

Car manufacturers are a great example of positive dynamics. Changing engine performance, improving safety, and much more allow companies to hold attention of the fans of their brands. However, it should be understood that not all Salesforce community ideas are equally successful.

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The Salesforce community allows customers to share information about innovations with users and take their opinion into account. Users can comment, suggest other options, and vote on possible changes. The capabilities of the owner company are no less diverse because the platform performs the following tasks:

  • separation of areas of activity by-products or characteristics of the target audience;
  • grouping customers within each zone to develop an effective strategy;
  • setting up statuses and additional fields to collect the most useful feedback.

Loyal customers who know the brand’s or community’s activities can improve the outcome of the innovation process.

Salesforce ideas community: how to use them

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The opportunity to share the news with regular and new consumers allows companies to achieve high-quality results. In order for a useful platform feature to become available, you need to use the ideas community Salesforce Lightning offers.

It is worth expanding the functionality so that the company can achieve a high level of personalization and maintain flexibility at the highest possible level. This opportunity allows businesses to go beyond the usual brand promotion strategies and implement ideas with greater efficiency.

To create a community, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Idea Zone App; it allows you to access extensions on the Salesforce platform. The special feature of the software is that it is a set of necessary tools for building a community. To get started, you need to log into the application.
  2. The set of available features can be imported, dragged, and customized within your community. All components will make accessing ideas simple and smooth. Adding all necessary functions will make it easier to use the application in the future.
  3. As a result, customers will be able to share their thoughts on products and services. Collecting useful information from real buyers is used to develop marketing strategies, analyze and improve the quality of service.

The gradual implementation of this technology ensures the flexibility of ideas implementation and the smooth operation of the company during migration and import of data.

Features of using the ideas community in Salesforce app

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After creating a community, administrators get access to a fairly wide range of functions. For easy use of the platform, you can highlight ideas from different categories in different colors. Thanks to this, customers will be able to quickly find the desired area and express their opinion on the implementation.

For the first results, publish the idea community in Salesforce. Access to different categories allows users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously:

  • create new original ideas;
  • study information on existing offers;
  • view organized lists while filling out the form to publish an innovation;
  • submit ideas that are repeated in the community;
  • make life easier for page administrators by reviewing early data on offers.

Moderators can create polls to collect useful information. Voting “for” or “against” something will help to analyze the effectiveness of the innovation strategy. Users can share their opinions after studying the idea or using it.

The number of areas by-product or other key points is unlimited. By adding new ideas to an organized list, moderators can only publish information in a specific area. This feature is required if the company’s products are different, and the target audience is different in age or geographic location.

Setting the required threshold of positive feedback on innovation will quickly inform the employee who is responsible for the area. The status information is sent both in the idea community Salesforce application itself and by email.

Other Salesforce community events

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Designed to spread the word about new ideas, the AC Ideas Enterprise application has a wide selection of events. To use its wide functionality, study the settings after creating a community on the platform.

Moderators can select different alerts for both company employees (for example, voting threshold) and clients. Events that are important to users include the following:

  1. Change of status. Each idea has an opportunity to vote. After reaching the required number of votes, the status of the offer is changed to “Under consideration” (at first, offers are marked as “New”). This allows customers to follow the company’s solutions in this area.
  2. Response from the company. Customers who create new ideas in a specific area want to receive notifications from an official representative. For this purpose, use an automatically personalized newsletter. Customer attention is rewarded by user engagement in your brand development.
  3. The peculiarity of this function is that users can receive reputation points in your community. Every comment, poll vote and new idea are rewarded with points. Clients can see the score of another participant and take into account the opinion of an “experienced” user when analyzing an offer.

As for notifications for employees and moderators from Advanced Communities, the list definitely includes notifications about ideas in various categories. The choice of the area depends on interests, the field of activity, and a desire to develop. The manager (moderator) will receive notifications on the creation of new ideas in the category, changes of their status, and other news by email.

Gamification in the Salesforce ideas community

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This feature is available to community members. Users leave feedback or create new ideas and earn points. Points affect the reputation of the offers. Customers who join and receive points can do the following:

  • View recent activity in polls, votings, discussions and other events;
  • track the status of an idea and monitor its implementation process;
  • access to comments and the number of votes that were collected after an offer was published.

Thus, the ideas community in Salesforce app will become interesting and useful not only for employees but also for regular users.

Prospects of the Salesforce employee idea community

The success of the use of communities largely depends on the efforts of the moderators. They should analyze information posted by users and respond to aggressive attacks. The atmosphere that will prevail in the community can both attract and repel new customers.

To keep the resource safe and comfortable for all users, moderators use the following features:

  • data processing and reporting ideas;
  • updating the status of ideas (“Under consideration”, “New”, etc.);
  • posting comments on behalf of the company;
  • deleting or blocking messages with inappropriate content;
  • viewing of members’ complaints about insults from other users.

Creating lists in the Salesforce employee idea community will allow a company to collect all ideas from one category for the convenience of users.

Meaning of ideas for community

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The rapid development of technology sets its own rules that cannot be ignored. Continuous improvement of a company’s products allows it to keep up with the trends and attract the attention of new customers. Communication with the target audience contributes to the provision of quality services or products.

The community of ideas in Salesforce serves the following functions:

  • communication with interested users;
  • development of new marketing strategies;
  • Search for new ideas to improve products.

To learn more about the features and benefits of using the idea community Salesforce is offering, please visit A detailed list of additional functions will make you sure that it’s worth using the application.