If you look at any business around you, no matter what type of commercial activities they may be doing, they share a common goal and that is customer satisfaction. The customer is like an axis in a business. Every business activity revolves around it.

What Is Customer Relationship Management


Customer Relationship Management or CRM is as old as the business itself is. With time it has evolved into a complete science. As the businesses grew in size so does the number of customers. Nowadays CRM is way more developed than before. Automation has revolutionized CRM practices.

Modern CRM is a data-driven integrated software solution to improve interaction and business practices with customers. CRM solutions are meant to manage the relationship with the customer, marketing, customer support, and keep track of sales leads.

CRM software Industry Introduction


Presently CRM is not only the largest but also the fastest-growing segment of the global software market. By the end of the year, 2024 CRM market worth has swelled up to more than 44 billion USD. It is projected to reach the 80 Billion USD figure by 2025.

The Salesforce


Salesforce can be considered as the founder of modern CRM. Before the inception of Salesforce in 1999 CRM was not more than a vague customer database or mailing list. Salesforce introduced what we know today as CRM. In 12 years the company became the world’s number one CRM company and never looked back.

By the end of the year 2024, Salesforce is the market leader for 8th consecutive years. At the moment Salesforce’s market share is larger than the combined share of the next nine competitor companies. The revenue figure for the fiscal year 2024 was more than 17 Billion USD.

Salesforce Products


CRM portfolio is made up of several categories with a broader scope of their own. These include  Salesforce Essentials, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, Salesforce 360 Platform, Salesforce Industries, and more.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Salesforce Commerce Cloud​ is an advanced platform for world-leading B2C and B2B commerce solutions. It empowers businesses to create integrated experiences on multiple channels like Store, Web, mobile, and social.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be categorized into two major standalone product lines.

  • Salesforce B2C Commerce
  • Salesforce B2B Commerce

Salesforce B2B Commerce


Salesforce B2B Commerce​ is a cloud-based commerce solution recognized to be the best in the industry. It enables the business to deal with the complex online purchasing requirements of the buyers. Salesforce B2B Commerce​ is built around the Salesforce Platform, to enable you to connect commerce and CRM data for a unified full view of the customer.

Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Administrator

Salesforce B2B-Commerce Administrator is a person who acts as an administrator or in an administrative role in the Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud platform deployment. A Salesforce B2B Commerce Administrator is ideally supposed to have the experience of working in the Salesforce Administration and have additionally worked for B2B Commerce Administrator on the Salesforce platform.

The person for this job role can be an employee of the organization or a consultant for a system integration solution provider. Having Salesforce Certified Administrator can be an ideal ground for this credential.

Career Of A Salesforce B2B Administrator

A Salesforce B2B Administrator can be working as one of the following typical job roles

Average Salary


The average salary of a Salesforce B2B Commerce Administrator is around 96,000 USD. Depending upon the employer, position, location, experience, and skill level, it can be as high as 144,000 USD and as low as 51,000 USD.

Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator (WI21)


About The Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator Credentials

The Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator Program is for those who have expertise with B2B products from an administrative standpoint.

  • Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator Exam Details

It is a 90-minute exam with 50 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions. The candidate is required to score a minimum of 70% to pass the exam. It is an online proctored exam. The candidate is not allowed to have any hard-copy or online reference during the exam.

Prerequisites For The Exam


There is no prerequisite for this exam but a minimum of 6 months experience in an administrative role with Salesforce role is highly recommended. Understanding of B2B concepts from the Salesforce platform point of view can be highly valuable.

A candidate is supposed to have the following knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience

  • Working at an administrative position in the Salesforce platform
  • Understanding of the basics and benefits of B2B commerce
  • Understanding of typical client requirements from a B2B deployment

Preparing For The Exam


Salesforce Accredited B2B-Commerce-Administrator exam is a specialized exam that requires some minimum level of experience in the relative platform. Although there is no prerequisite for the exam and the certification relevant experience can be highly valuable for understanding the concepts involve and the exam objectives. Salesforce. Candidates with experience in Salesforce Administration can be very comfortable in understanding the course content.

Salesforce offers a comprehensive training program named as Trailhead.  At Trailhead you can find all the training related to Salesforce skills in general and from the point of view of a certification credential. These contents can both be free as well as paid. Certification-related courses are usually the paid ones. As with most of the candidates who cannot afford the expensive training, there are affordable 3rd party training options available. Crack4Sure is one such study material provider for Salesforce exams.

A broad range of PDF study guides and braindumps is available with them. Practice questions and answers from the past exam can also be very helpful in the preparation of the Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator (WI21) exam. With a relevant background experience, a good study plan, and the right study material you can comfortably earn these career-oriented credentials.


CRM is among the most critical requirements of a modern productive business. Salesforce offers the most versatile CRM solutions for every size and type of business. Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator is a valuable credential for those who want to pursue a promising career in Salesforce Commerce Cloud.