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Before we talk about CRM software, let us talk about revenue. Revenue is the word that we all have an eye on when we run our own business. The whole point of doing business is to conduct activities that will lead to profit-generating revenue, which by far is one of the greatest measures of success. The activities to be conducted towards that end would include marketing and sales. In fact, it is a well known that fact that any business – small or big – would need to have a sales and marketing team if it is geared for success.

But, there are many businesses that shy away from full-fledged activities in this direction since their bandwidth, resources, and time face the constraint posed by a number of draining and monotonous activities in this area. This is one of the primary reasons why many businesses do not even touch the tip of the iceberg as far as their goals and expected revenues are concerned. This is also where a good and simple CRM software steps in.

But first, CRM. What does CRM actually mean?

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CRM or customer relationship management is a system, process, platform, or software that helps you store all the information pertaining to your contacts as well as your prospects so that the same can be pulled up for a variety of functions in the sales and marketing pipeline. The end result is a high rate of conversion which can lead to scale and growth. Let us take a look at what simple CRM can do for your business to drive revenue:

Increase Productivity

When you employ a simple CRM software, you are buying into a system that will lead to an exponential improvement in your team’s productivity. This is due to the fact that not only will the simple CRM be easy to install, but it will also help in bringing in the exact functions and features that need to be carried out for the maximum benefit of the entire sales pipeline. You can actually customize the entire gamut of functions so that you can gain the necessary leverage of your resources – time, funds and much more.

The CRM software is known to help the team members of even the smallest businesses cater to the core tasks rather than the monotonous and time-consuming ones. This will, in turn, generate more revenue for your business.

Less Expensive

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A simple CRM will halve your costs by a wide margin. To begin with, let us take an example of installation. The quick and easy installation, as well as the cloud-based options available for simple CRM, can help you cut down on the hefty cost of bringing in and installing a number of software and systems to take care of the varied tasks that can easily be managed on the simple CRM software.

The installation process for this kind of CRM software is usually low and an affordable option for small and growing businesses. Further, once you employ simple CRM software, you will be able to automate the execution of various mundane tasks that usually take up a lot of time.

Thus, you will be able to get by with a much smaller time. And finally, the team will be able to concentrate on actual revenue-generating tasks like engaging with and converting the customer. These are various ways in which revenue can be maximized with the use of the CRM software.

Better Team Collaboration

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When you bring CRM software to your business, the team gets to indulge in far better collaboration. The various features and functions, as well as the automation in the simple CRM software, would make it easier for the team to follow up and do the correct task at the correct time in the sales pipeline.

Overall, this would help in achieving a better rate of conversions and as we all know, conversions equal revenue. Apart from this, simple CRM will help in removing duplication of tasks or missing out on tasks.

In effect, this would help in creating a more accountable team, with each and every member well aware of his or her task. This would also eliminate the need for needless communications and meetings so that the team can get the task done in as little time as possible. This saved time would also mean saved money and hence a greater rate of return on the investment called CRM software.

Less Complicated Features

With easy installation, comes easy to use features. The simple CRM will have less complicated features for which you would probably not need a large technical team or game spent talking to the support and help section of your service provider. This would not only save you time, but it would also help you save money. Further, when the features are easy to use, it would be easier for you to get through the sales pipeline in a faster manner. This would ensure that each conversion it’s closed much faster than the last one and thus, revenue would also increase accordingly.

Further, with easy to use features, it would be easy for the team to get used to the CRM software as a whole. This would also be beneficial when you have to change team members who can then learn the ropes easily.


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Revenue in a small and growing setup or business can easily get a boost if the mundane tasks are automated. There are many examples of such tasks that can easily drain your time and bandwidth, thus leaving you and your team with very little time to capitalize on those core skills that can win you higher revenues and long term customers. The solution lies in adopting a simple CRM software that can organize all these tasks into smaller and regular does thanks to automation. And thus, you will be able to give your revenue a push with more time and resources devoted to the actual process of closing sales and gaining customers.

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