Corporate gift-giving is not an easy job because a wrong choice can result in more harm than good. Therefore, the right choice of gift, the right occasion, and even the price tag are of great importance. In addition to this, your position in the company also matters a lot.

Giving a gift to your team members before the holidays is different from giving your boss a gift. Especially if your boss is not so close with your team. Likewise, if a boss is planning to give gifts to his employees, he will need to be careful. Because if the gifts are too intimate, others may get the wrong message. That is why it is a tricky thing in the workplace.

So what can you do then?

What about leaving it to someone capable?

It will work better. You can hire a company and ask them to arrange the gifts for your employees or team members. Furthermore, you should also spread the word that you have hired a company for arranging the gifts. Thus, in case, there is something that someone does not like, you won’t be the one to blame.

Moreover, such companies are professionals in what they do. Therefore, they won’t choose something that would embarrass you in your workplace. For example, corporate gifts nz You can ask them to prepare the corporate gifts. If you are looking for how to contact them, you can find here.


All you need to do is to provide them with the necessary information including the order quantity and budget. In addition to this, you can also ask them for adding your logo and branding. And if you are preparing customized gifts or have a color theme in mind, discuss that too. They can do it all. After finishing the proposal, they will send it to you for approval. Thus, you can ask them if there is something that you would like to change.

However, you still need to know the rules to give the right gift to everyone.

Here are some unspoken rules of corporate gift giving.

1 – Flow down the chain of command

Gift giving should follow the chain of command but not upwards rather it should be downwards. This means that team leaders and managers should give gifts to their subordinates. If a subordinate gives a gift to his or her superior, it will be considered buttering. Moreover, it can be considered as the managers taking advantage of their subordinates.

Another reason for this rule is that the employee might get favorable treatment in return. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the superior will be lenient towards the one who gives him the gifts. Therefore, managers need to encourage their subordinates to not give them any gifts.

2 – Giving reasonable gifts and ensuring equality

The gifts must be of the same value. It would be better to give something similar to every staff member. If there is a difference between the prices of the gifts, problems will arise among the employees. They will start gossiping about it. Thus, it will lead to dissatisfaction among them.


That is why, while giving a gift, make sure it is not too expensive. Plus, avoid playing favorites.

Another reason for keeping a reasonable budget is that otherwise, employees will feel burdened. Expensive gifts make others uncomfortable.

3 – Exchange gifts privately with friends

It is possible to have close friends at work. Therefore, if you have any such relationship with your colleague or subordinate, you should exchange gifts privately. If your friend is your subordinate, his or her co-workers will feel excluded. Moreover, in some cases, others get jealous and ruin the workplace environment. Therefore, it is encouraged to keep personal and professional life separate.

You will have the time to meet after the office. So it will be easy for you to spend time with your friends. Even if you are too busy, you can send the gift to their address.

4 – Learn the definition of a bribe

Giving gifts to each other will strengthen the bonding. Therefore, corporate gifting also includes giving something to partner companies. However, things are a bit complicated here because others might think that you are bribing them.

If you are going to sign an agreement with another company and you give something expensive to please them, it might be considered a bribe. Therefore, you need to be careful on such occasions.


If you are only trying to keep friendly greetings with your partner companies, you should send a reasonable gift. For example, a flower bouquet with a greeting card. It is not a bribe and only a symbol of well-wishing and courtesy.

And not everything is considered a bribe. Therefore, if you are working in a company, you should learn the definition of bribery. This will let you avoid unnecessary trouble. Sending gifts to your working partner that exceeds a certain limit will be considered a bribe. So be careful of that.

5 – Shareable items

As a sign of courtesy and to improve working relations with your co-workers you can share some things. These things include candies, drinks, cookies, and other such items. So although you cannot and should not give a gift to your superior, you can share food with them. For example, you are buying coffee for everyone, so you can do so for your team leader too.

Likewise, giving low-cost items like customized socks and mugs won’t be a problem. But it should not be a regular practice. You can treat everyone to a meal on your birthday or when you achieve something big. No one would mind this.

Likewise, if someone is interested in a program and you can get tickets for it, you can buy them for them. (Unless it exceeds the gift limit)


So these are some unspoken rules that everyone in the workplace should know. Not knowing them will cause unnecessary trivial problems and ruin the working environment, so be careful.