Does the concept of streamlining your workplace processes seem like a pipe dream? It doesn’t have to be.

More and more businesses are using automation software to ensure consistent, accurate, up-to-date data that can be accessed from anywhere by anyone. However, some of these processes are more creative and cannot be automated — but what if you could outsource those?

Having a professional presentation agency create templates and custom infographics for your workplace slide decks can streamline a lot of these processes. 

Imagine how much time you can save getting an agency to craft more engaging presentations for training, onboarding & weekly reporting meetings.

If a lot of your time is spent creating company-wide documentation, get more information on how a professional PowerPoint presentation company can save you and your company time. 

Training New Hires:


When a new hire comes on board, training is essential and, more often than not, incredibly time-consuming. A professional presentation designer can help you create a cohesive training slide deck that you can use again and again – and tweak when necessary. 

By creating one training slide deck with the necessary information on workplace culture and processes, you can ensure that every new team member is on the same page. 

Everyone learns at a different pace. Having a slide deck that new hires can keep on file allows them to refer back to the resource or take notes from if that’s how they learn best.

After all, according to LinkedIn, 68% of people prefer to learn at work, 58% prefer to learn at their own pace, and 49% prefer to learn when the knowledge is needed.

Pitching Your Services:


Regurgitating the same spiel over and over again to investors and leads can get exhausting – and a lot of the information can get easily lost in translation, be unclear or get misconstrued. 

A professional design agency will help you create a formal pitch deck that is properly branded, clear and concise. This will help you to ensure that all the information you want to convey is present in your presentation.

Are you looking to pitch your services to potential investors? Get investors to fund your project or company or build a convincing pitch with the help of a professional such as one from Launch Module. Deliver a winning presentation by working with an expert to pitch your services. 

Whether you cater services to the consumer market or business-to-business (B2B) market, delivering a compelling pitch is essential to your company’s success. So, choose a presentation professional to increase your likelihood of acquiring more clients and accounts. A professional with good track record and years of experience, as well as established business partnership will be at your utmost benefit. 

Onboarding Clients:


Every new client needs to be onboard. According to HubSpot, 43% of agencies don’t have the necessary time to do administrative work – which includes effectively onboarding new clients.

You can streamline your onboarding with a professional PowerPoint presentation template. This template will able you to input deliverables, expectations, next steps, and any other relevant information in a way that is clear.

You can send this slide deck over to your client or book a meeting for you to present the next steps in person. 

Consistent Templates:

When you work with a professional presentation agency, you can get custom templates made to use for company-wide presentations. This way, your slides are always branded and are laid out aesthetically and clear – all you need to do is determine the content or swap out data.

The reality is that a lot of companies will have slides presented in monthly or weekly meetings to reflect profit margins, internal updates and more. Having a template will make it possible to easily swap out content, which will eliminate a lot of work and time.