Quiz Funnel Tools
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Quiz funnels have become a popular marketing strategy for businesses to generate leads, engage with their audience, and drive sales.

With a plethora of quiz funnel tools available, choosing the right one for your business can be a daunting task. Especially if you consider that generating the lead is only a part of the overall sales cycle.

In this article, we’ll compare eight powerful quiz funnel tools and what parts of the marketing and sales lifecycle they support. We’ll highlight their unique features and benefits to help you make an informed decision.

The tools are listed below and covered in no specific order:

  1. Interact
  2. Typeform
  3. Survey Monkey
  4. Thrive Themes
  5. ConvertFlow
  6. Outgrow
  7. Lead Quizzes
  8. Evalinator

1. Interact

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Interact is a popular marketing quiz tool creator known for its user-friendly interface and is geared for social sharing.

It has a drag-and-drop quiz builder, lead capture capabilities, and integrates with popular email marketing services.

The final quiz has only one format that customers see but that’s enough for most purposes.Interact also has a comprehensive list of ready made templates that users can quickly customize.

Interact is a versatile tool for creating engaging quiz funnels to build your email list. If you are thinking of creating a fun and light quiz to engage prospects, then Interact will do the job very well for you.

Lowest pricing tier starts at $39 per month but that does not include removing the Interact branding. This pricing tier also only offers basic integration features to you.

2. Typeform

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Typeform is an interactive form and survey tool that stands out for its visually appealing and conversational approach to collecting data.

One of the key features of Typeform is its conversational form design. Typeform uses a one-question-per-screen format that feels like simulating a conversation. The forms can be easily customized with a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scales, among others.

Typeform integrates with popular marketing tools, such as email marketing services and CRM systems. It also provides advanced reporting capabilities. Users can access real-time analytics and visualizations to track form completion rates, user responses, and other key metrics. The reporting features enable businesses to gain valuable insights from the collected data and make data-driven decisions.

Typeform’s quiz capabilities are a bit limited. But overall, it is a versatile form and survey tool that offers a conversational form design approach.

Pricing starts at $29 per month but in order to remove their branding you have to upgrade to a $59 per month plan.

3. Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is a versatile and widely-used online survey platform that also offers powerful features for creating quizzes.

With SurveyMonkey, individuals and businesses can easily design and deploy engaging quizzes to collect valuable feedback, assess knowledge, and gather data from their audience.

Using SurveyMonkey’s intuitive interface, users can create quizzes by adding a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, rating scales, open-ended, and more. The platform provides a range of customization options, allowing users to tailor the quizzes to match their branding and style. Additionally, users can choose from a library of pre-designed templates or build quizzes from scratch to meet their specific needs. Users can also incorporate skip logic and branching options to create dynamic quizzes that adapt to participants’ responses.

SurveyMonkey also has robust reporting and analysis capabilities. Once quizzes are completed, users can access comprehensive reports such as response frequencies, scores, and even demographic information, enabling users to gain a deeper understanding of their audience.

The basic plan is free but limited. The team plans start at $25 per month per user for a minimum of 3 users.

4. Thrive Themes

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Quizzes by Thrive Themes is a powerful feature offered within the Thrive Themes suite, which is a comprehensive website builder tool built specifically for WordPress users. This all-in-one platform provides users with a range of tools and functionalities to create stunning websites, landing pages, and more.

Among its array of features, Thrive Themes includes a quiz builder that allows users to effortlessly create engaging and interactive quizzes to drive audience engagement and generate leads.

Within the framework of the website built on Thrive Themes, users can tap into the full potential of quizzes as a marketing tool. The platform offers a variety of pre-designed quiz templates that can be customized to match the website’s branding and style. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to add questions, options, and results, enabling users to create captivating quizzes without any coding knowledge.

As part of the Thrive Themes ecosystem, Quizzes seamlessly integrates with other Thrive Themes products and tools. This integration allows users to leverage the full power of the website builder platform and combine quizzes with other elements such as opt-in forms, landing pages, and call-to-action buttons. The cohesive integration ensures a smooth user experience and facilitates the creation of cohesive marketing campaigns.

Starting at $50 per month with a quarterly plan, creating a simple marketing quiz should be a no-brainer for users who have their websites on Thrive themes.

5. Convert Flow

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Convert Flow is a powerful conversion optimization platform that allows businesses to create highly targeted and personalized experiences for their website visitors. With Convert Flow, businesses can engage with their audience, capture leads, and drive conversions through the use of dynamic forms, pop-ups, quizzes, surveys, and more.

One of the standout features of Convert Flow is its ability to create and customize interactive quizzes. The platform offers a user-friendly quiz builder that allows businesses to create engaging quizzes that cater to their specific goals and target audience. Quizzes can be designed with a range of question types, scoring mechanisms, and conditional logic to provide a personalized and interactive experience for visitors.

Like the other quiz tools, Convert Flow’s quiz feature has the ability to leverage the collected data to segment and personalize subsequent interactions. With the integration of quiz responses into Convert Flow’s customer profiles, businesses can tailor their marketing campaigns, messaging, and content based on the specific interests and preferences of each visitor. Convert Flow also offers comprehensive analytics and reporting features where users can track the performance of their quizzes, measure completion rates, and gather valuable insights into visitor behavior and preferences.

The pricing starts at $99 a month. If you are an existing customer, then using the quizzes on the platform is a no brainer.

6. Outgrow

Source: outgrow.co

Outgrow.co is an interactive content marketing platform that enables businesses to create and launch engaging quizzes, calculators, assessments, polls, and surveys.

It offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customizable templates to create interactive experiences that drive audience engagement and generate leads.

So if you are looking to do more than just quizzes, then outgrow may be good solution for you.

Outgrow.co provides a drag-and-drop builder. You can fully customize the appearance and branding of your quiz. You can also have lead capture forms to capture email addresses because Outgrow integrates with popular email marketing tools and CRM systems.

Pricing starts at $22 but you do not have access to charts and graphs until you upgrade to the $199 per month package. You also do not have access to advanced features and have only the support documentation for help.

If you’re looking for simple interactive content to capture leads then outgrow is the solution for you. Outgrow is also great for you if you are looking to create surveys, calculators, basic assessments, etc.

7. Lead Quizzes

LeadQuizzes is a popular and feature-rich quiz funnel tool aimed at capturing leads and increasing conversions.

It has customizable quiz templates, lead capture forms, and CRM integration. It also has survey creation capabilities with several built-in templates such as Net Promoter Score, market research, and customer feedback among others. It also offers conditional logic which allows you to present different questions depending on how the user has responded to the previous question. This is a useful feature to have in case you are creating a complex quiz catering to different types of customer segments.

Lead Quizzes also includes multi-lingual quiz creation which will be very helpful for those operating across multiple countries in different languages.

Pricing for Lead Quizzes starts at $49 per month with a 2-week free trial. The price includes all features and is suitable for one website.

8. Evalinator

Evalinator is an advanced quiz funnel software that goes beyond quiz building.

It focuses on helping customers build their email list using quizzes, enables sales through 1-1 client and prospect engagement features, and helps them grow existing client accounts through the use of various features such as benchmarking, multi-stakeholder engagement, goal setting and before-after analysis.

It offers standard features such as a visual quiz builder, multiple templates, integrations with email providers, and email capture capabilities.

It also has free templates for popular tools such as DISC assessments, Big 5 personality tests, Human Design Type, and so on.

Evalinator is unique among the other quiz builder tools because it allows you to create a variety of different quiz types such as a Wheel of Life, surveys, personality or type quizzes, and straight scored assessments that can function as advanced maturity models to create excellent conversations with clients.

Pricing starts at $6.95 which includes your own branding, all quiz features, all types of quizzes, and all integrations with email providers and CRMs.

So if you are looking for a quiz software that can scale across your efforts in lead generation, lead qualification, sales enablement and account growth, then Evalinator is the right tool for you. It will meet the growing needs of your organization and actively support your business growth.


Each of these eight quiz funnel tools offers unique features and benefits to suit various business needs.

When choosing the right tool for your business, consider your goals, budget, and specific requirements.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so choose the tool that best fits your business and helps you create engaging quiz funnels that drive results.