eLearning as an educational concept and as an industry has been growing at a rate of knots. Over the last two decades, eLearning’s growth as an industry has been over 900%.

Certainly, it has touched millions of lives across all lands and still continues to do so.

The same concept of eLearning that has revolutionized the way we learn and teach (especially in these times of COVID) has several groundbreaking benefits for the students.

In this post, we are talking about eight of those benefits. So, if you are a student, buckle up, this is going to be useful for you.

1. Cost Effectiveness


While traditional classroom education methods can still drain students and their guardians dry of funds, eLearning methods remain comparatively cost-effective.

The primary reason being the way an eLearning program is designed.

While a traditional classroom approach requires the physical presence of the trainer and learners in one place, at the same time, eLearning courses can go on without such specific needs.

Once an eLearning program is prepared, the trainers can take a nap and still be educating their students. As a result, they don’t have to charge heavy fees from learners.

This lowers down the final price of an eLearning program when compared to that of a traditional classroom program.

2. Freedom of Time and Place


eLearning offers seamless freedom of time and place to both learners and trainers.

Unlike a traditional classroom program, for eLearning courses, the students can attend lectures at their convenient timings. In most cases, class timings are also not rigid. So, you may attend one lecture at 5 in the evening and attend the next one whenever you wish to.

Most eLearning programs provide the entire learning material at once.

And as eLearning lectures are held online, students and teachers don’t have to move from their homes (best for these times). This also saves money and time spent on travel.

3. Students Can Learn At Their Own Pace


Not all students in a class can learn at the same pace.

While some grab every topic quickly and sharply, others may need more time for comprehension.

In a traditional classroom environment, students that require more time to cover a topic may be left behind. eLearning methods solve this problem.

Such programs offer their students the privilege to look back at previous lectures whenever they wish to. So, whether they need to make new notes, or correct their older set, or just want to hear the explanation again, with an eLearning program, they can do it all.

4. Students Can Also Get The Chance To Be Trainers


Let’s agree to one thing. When we are good at something, regardless of our age or qualification, we may like to talk about it. And when this talking can reap us some money, things get even better.

eLearning technology allows students to become trainers for the skills that they have.

For example, if you are a student of science and have a deep interest and knowledge in music (or maybe science as well), you can provide online training sessions to students from across the globe.

And this can get you a good pay to help your finances. Plus, it’ll be a superb addition to your CV. Just make sure that you are going for a platform using the best elearning software for your eLearning endeavours. For more information click here.

5. A More Comprehensive Learning Experience


Learning with text may or may not always be easy depending on the topic of concern. However, learning with images and videos is always easier than learning with plain text.

eLearning methods provide a highly interactive learning experience to all learners. By using videos, images, GIFs, infographics, 3D models and examples, eLearning wins at being an easier and more comprehensive training method.

Studies have shown that:

  • eLearning Improves overall scores
  • More students pass as compared to traditional classroom programs
  • eLearning makes the knowledge easily applicable in real scenarios
  • eLearning allows a strong information retention for a long time

6. Quick Tests and Practice Sessions


Another great benefit that students can get by using eLearning is a great opportunity for revision.

While a traditional classroom program may hold tests after regular intervals, an eLearning program will allow students to take part in tests and online practice sessions more frequently.

So, if you are prepared and want to test your knowledge, you wouldn’t have to wait for the trainers to schedule a test.

With the help of online quizzes, you can get an assessment of whatever you have learned and practiced as a part of the program.

7. Saves Time and Money Invested On Printed Notes


Paper and print are two of the essential parts of any traditional learning program.

Printed notes are generally circulated among all the students, and so are the books.

This uses a lot of paper and other printing resources, due to which the overall cost of the study material may often add unnecessarily to a student’s budget.

eLearning programs are free from such problems.

As nearly all of the learning material is available in the online training program, the need for printed notes is eradicated.

This saves money and time spent on printing notes.

Also, this makes eLearning a more eco-friendly learning method than traditional classroom programs.

8. New Training Content Is Available As Soon As It’s Published


As printing and regular modes of distribution may take a long time to commence, proceed and finish, the online methods used for new content’s distribution are quick.

As soon as a new piece of learning content is published in the program, it can be made available for students.

This means that eLearning methods keep delays at bay and help students get the latest learning content at all times.

Final words

As the impactfulness of eLearning methods becomes more and more evident, efforts towards the same are also growing. Organizations are turning towards eLearning programs keeping traditional methods as secondary. This change has a strong impact on how students learn and use eLearning methods.

In this post, we discussed some of the benefits that students can reap out of eLearning as a technology.

Hopefully, this was helpful.