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Every single person in the world makes mistakes. This is also true for the entrepreneurs that want to launch a brand new business. You can get tripped up and make mistakes. However, with the startup, even small errors can become very costly, oftentimes leading to bankruptcy.

While you can always opt for emergency solutions like LetMeBank, the best thing you can do is to learn from past entrepreneurs. See what mistakes they made and avoid them. Some of the very important ones that you absolutely need to remember are highlighted below.

Being Afraid Of Failure

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Being afraid of failing is very common mistake entrepreneurs make. The truth is that when you fail, you learn a lot out of it. Also, recovering from a situation in which you failed can so easily improve the way in which you do business. Due to this, you should always be ready to learn from any failure you are faced with. Obviously, you will want to reduce the mistakes you make but this should not mean that you have to be afraid of making them.

Not Being Organized

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As an entrepreneur, you need to be as organized as possible. When you run a small business, everything is similar to running a circus. This is because there are countless things that happen, all at the same exact time. The daily task list becomes mandatory if you want to keep things moving forward.

When you think about it, making lists and being organized seems simple. That is correct but at the same time, it is something that actually works. Having lists makes you productive and allows you to ger more things done in a single day.

Misinterpreting The Market

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According to many, one of the biggest possible mistakes for the business owner is to launch a startup after misinterpreting the market. In most cases, we see overestimating or underestimating costs, an improperly understood demand or choosing the incorrect target demographic. When you misinterpret the market, the business is ended before it can even start.

Micromanaging Instead Of Delegating

Because of the lack of experience the entrepreneur usually has, it is normal to be faced with a self-awareness lack. During the early stage of business growth, owners usually make mistakes and are very bad at delegating work. They simply try to do as much as possible in order to cut business costs. In reality, as time passes, when you do not delegate, you end up burned out. Not delegating means you want to do way too many things at the same time so you do not manage to succeed at any of them.

Hiring People Way Too Soon

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This can be considered as the biggest mistake the startup makes. It usually appears when growth happens and there is this belief that more staff is needed. Unfortunately, when you hire employees way too soon and without a proper analysis of the state of the company, you end up with huge extra expenses that are not actually needed.

Usually, the problem is that instead of hiring part-time staff, a full-time employer is employed. For instance, when a restaurant is experiencing an increase in customers because of the travel season bringing more foreigners to an area, it does not make sense to hire full-time employees.

We need to add that it is not as difficult as you might now believe to run the small business with the use of part-timers, qualified subcontractors, and other suitable professionals.

Blindly Raising Money

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It is very easy to think that you need to raise money instead of actually getting more customers for your business. After the companies have a good product to sell, they usually focus on raising capital. A much better approach would be to focus on the customers and achieving a perfect product-market fit. Start by making sure that offering and value proposition perfectly resonates with the market. Once this happens, it is so easy to get traction. If you just blindly stay focused on getting new money, it is easy to end up thinking that there is no other solution available.

Avoiding Contracts

A huge mistake made by entrepreneurs when the business is started is not implementing proper contracts. It does not matter how good your relationships are. In the event that there is no contract signed, if anything goes wrong, you are not protected. It is normal to trust people that helped you but this does not mean that you can enter business partnerships without a contract in place.

Giving Yourself An Inappropriate Salary

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Way too often we see entrepreneurs paying themselves too much or too little. In many cases, it is very easy to determine the appropriate salary for the new hire. However, when you determine the pay of a partner or an owner, things become more complicated.

A great option to consider is to pay yourself a revenue percentage. However, other options do exist. You need to make it a point to figure out how much you get paid, just as what should happen with partners. Paying yourself an appropriate salary is very important as you can separate business finances and personal finances. This is a huge part of maintaining a high credit score and much more.

Moving Very Slowly

A very important part of managing a startup is to seize the opportunities that appear. This practically means that you need to know when you should speed up operations. However, at the same time, you need to be careful. Due to this, many move very slowly with their businesses. This often leads to not recognizing many opportunities or relationships that do not work out as they should.

We often see entrepreneurs partnering with someone simply because of gaining access to an amount of money. An investor is always much more important than how much money is gained. You have to pick an investor that shares the vision you have as an entrepreneur and all associated morals. You have to be as picky as possible whenever it comes to making investments or choosing investors.