London is a city that has all the modern elements you could possibly want, but also a very rich history and safely kept traditions around every corner. It offers so much for those who truly want to enjoy every aspect of a city. From world-class restaurants and museums to all sorts of job opportunities for those who want to get involved in technology, financing, hospitality, media and even more.

England’s capital is highly appreciated for a reason, and it is often times the target for many people who want to migrate from their own country and start a new page somewhere else. Although the city will warmly welcome you and after just a few weeks you’ll be able to call it “home”, there are still some important things that you need to know about London. Luckily, we’re here to help you, so if you want to learn more about this topic, feel free to continue reading until the end. Without further ado, let’s take a look.


London offers something for each kind of person. You happen to like quiet places to live and not into socializing all that much? Sure, there are a lot of quiet areas there. You are a party animal who wants to work during the day and dance the entire night away? They really know how to do that as well. With this being said, you definitely do not have to worry about feeling “accepted” in the city, simply because it has so much to offer.

Now, if you are moving to London for a job, you are probably more interested in the money-gaining and money-spending information, so let’s take a look at that as well.

According to, London’s rent can be really closely compared to the rent in New York City and San Francisco. Not that we want to discourage you, but if your idea was to avoid the high rental prices by moving to London, you’ll be out of luck in this place. There is no doubt that London is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in the entire world, so we cannot really expect the rent to be low in such a place. On average, London’s rental price is about $600 per week, so if you want something cheaper, you might have to reside far from the city center or share a flat with many other roommates.


If you happen to find a good job however, rental rates will definitely not be a problem for you since jobs in London are paid really well. Also, the city has really good transportation services, which means that even if you decide to settle somewhere far from the city center or your job location, you will still be able to effectively travel between those two destinations with ease. In case you like more to travel with your car from USA you can check out on how to safely transfer it to London.

Finally, if you were worried about leaving tips, unlike in the United States, in London you are not required to leave a tip, and although they are highly appreciated, they are not mandatory. So if you happen to be low on money at the moment, feel free to skip the tipping part.