There are many things to consider and plan in advance before we decide to move to some new location, which is why relocating is never easy, regardless of initial reasons for that move. Now, moving the offices to some entirely new location and relocating the whole business is even more complicated because time is one of the largest factors here, and we do not want to spend too much time on it.

Namely, when relocating the offices, one needs to do it swiftly in order to avoid falling behind or not working for more than planned. Furthermore, they also need to plan everything in advance, so they don’t end up switching to new offices unprepared. Of course, it’s always better to already have fundamental things installed and placed in those new offices so that transition is even faster and more efficient.

On the other hand, what most people overlook in this process is that packing is actually the most crucial part of the whole moving process, as doing it in a proper way can save us time, energy, and stress. So, in order to help you with this whole process, let’s check some packing tips when moving your office to a new location.

1. Make sure that employees are notified in time


Remember that it’s not just about relocating the business, as this decision also impacts the life and work of the employees as well. That is why this one is where it all starts, and the efficiency of the whole company depends on good communication and planning.

Now, in order to be able to plan everything, you first need to notify employees about the move, when it is due, what’s needed, what they should expect, and what they will get once they move to their new offices.

The more employees know, the more the whole packing and moving process will get easier, and that is why you should start by informing them in time so that they will also have time to schedule and plan other personal things accordingly.

2. Plan and pack in advance

This is where it can get tricky, as not anyone can predict what the future will bring next, but there are always certain things that you can focus on that can help ease the shifting to a new location.

Also, since all that data is also something you will have to relocate, it’s preferable to back up everything, just in case. By doing so, you will have hard copies of all information crucial for the business, and arranging and sorting all that data into specified folders will also make the whole scheme much more efficient. Think of it as a complete do-over as you can sort everything into the way that maximizes the company’s efficiency once the move is complete.

3. Use the day off


It is impossible to expect to finish the move and work that day, so the best solution is to use a day off from work and focus just on relocation. In that way, you and the employees will have enough time to transport all the necessary staff to a new location, without worrying about the deadlines and complicated tasks they need to finish.

Making an office party after the successful move is a great way to thank your employees and give them enough energy to continue working in new conditions and the opportunity to get used to a new environment.

4. Big items first

Big items, such as furniture, should be set up first because it will be much easier to arrange smaller items after that. That means that it is important to relocate huge things like desks, chairs, bookshelves, and carpets and then fill them with smaller items. Of course, we need to empty all the drawers first, or it will be much more difficult to move big pieces of furniture to the new place.

Pack and label smaller items into boxes or plastic bags to make things easier. Make sure to put the carpet first because it can be pretty difficult to lift all the chairs, desks, lockers, and other heavy things if you forget.

5. Protect all the items


If you decide to do everything without professional help, it is crucial to protect all the items properly to avoid breaking, scratching, and any other damage. The best way to do that is to use protective blankets for furniture and other large items, but bubble foil can provide great protection too.

When it comes to smaller office supplies, the best way to transport them is to use plastic containers, bags, or cardboard boxes to make sure that everything is sorted. Labeling these boxes will make the whole move much easier, and it will save you a lot of precious time because you do not need to search all of them when setting up a new office.

6. Hire a professional

Relocating the whole office to a new location is not an easy thing, and sometimes it can be too challenging for someone to organize it without any help, and it can cause a lot of stress.

Luckily, there are professionals specialized in this area, and they can easily do all the work for a much shorter amount of time and protect us from any stress. Bethlehem movers are one of the best in their job, and hiring them is probably one of the best decisions. Find here more information about them, and contact them for any possible question.

To Summarize

Even though the list of tips for packing when relocation business and offices are much longer, these tips mentioned above are the most important. Hopefully, now, when you are well aware of all that’s needed for that move and all the specifics on which you should focus, along with what you should never overlook, the entire process will get much easier and more efficient, and less stressful. It is important for the company, employers, and you because smoothly making this big change will give you more enthusiasm for working and achieving even higher goals together.