No matter the industry, it’s not a good feeling when a hiring mistake is made in your company. An employee who fails to meet the expectations outlined in the job description, or who falsely represented themselves during their interview, can not only do poorly in their job but also fail as a team player.

Especially when it comes to sales, it can be a huge let down if you’re hired the wrong person. Typically, many sales teams unfortunately see this happen. According to Dan Weinfurter, Managing Partner of Chicago Growth Consultants, only about 10 to 20 percent of a sales team are the ones who generate around 90% of the revenue. Weinfurter also notes that hiring the right talent can even double a firm’s revenue.

These numbers are astounding – imagine if you could get a higher percentage of your team to perform just as well as the top 10%? That’s why hiring the right people when it comes to sales is so important, and why you should visit SalesForce Search today so that they can help you find the perfect candidates to join your team.

Hiring the Wrong Person in Sales is More Costly than You Think

Besides performance issues, there are also a number of other ways that hiring the wrong sales person can negatively impact your organization:

1. Disengagement

If a new hire is wrong for the job, they will most likely feel disengaged and unmotivated.

2. Lack of Productivity

A disengaged employee is an unproductive employee, and if they are unskilled this problem becomes worse. Without the right skills, a new employee won’t be able to produce expected results.

3. Significantly More Time Needed for Training and Coaching

If a new hire doesn’t have the right skills then that means they will require more training and hands-on coaching, which is a waste of valuable time for you and your organization.

4. Employee Burnout

Burnout issues can happen with a new hire’s team members and managers who have to work extra hard to get them trained and to pick up any existing slack.

5. High Turnover

When a new hire isn’t a good fit for their role then there is a high possibility that they will seek another role elsewhere, leaving you to go through the hiring process all over again.

6. Negative Impact on Organizational Culture

If an employee is performing poorly then they can lower the bar that exists in your company culture. Other team members may feel less motivated because the new hire isn’t pulling their own weight, and thus not work as hard themselves.


A Hiring Mistake is a Chain Reaction of Negativity

Looking at this list, it becomes obvious that hiring a bad candidate can create a chain reaction that negatively impacts your organization. A bad hire can lead to lower levels of engagement, require more attention from management, add pressure onto your employees, and in the worst cases, cause your top talent to start thinking about making career moves. If you’re not careful, all of these costly effects will show up on the company bottom line, eventually.