Locksmiths play essential roles in the modern world in protecting your business and property. Nobody wants to leave their property in a business that has limited security features. You would feel much more comfortable knowing you can safely lock your property from unwanted access.

Therefore, the need for competent commercial locksmiths and access control specialists is bigger than ever. Below are several ways locksmiths can help, some you may have not even realized.

1. Rekeying Your Locks

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A time comes when you feel you should change your key because one of your previous employees did not return their keys. Consequently, as a security-conscious businessman or entrepreneur, you will develop the need to secure your office. There is no need to change the locks if they are in good condition, but you can have a locksmith change the keys to the door locks.

You can find a pro in your area by visiting this website for 1-800-Unlocks for professional locks rekeying services and other locksmiths services. In other words, you retain the locks, but the locksmith will help you change the key. They do this by changing the pins in the lock to fit a new key pattern which renders the old key useless.

Rekeying is, therefore, cheaper since you don’t have to buy new locks. Thus, rekeying the locks to your business protects you from the uncertainty of an employee failing to return their key and lowers the cost of securing your premises.

2. Use of Restricted Keyways to Prevent Duplicate Keys

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Many businesses have found themselves dealing with huge losses or information leaks due to unauthorized access through duplicate keys. However, qualified locksmiths can eliminate unauthorized duplicate keys by installing restricted keyway locks for you.
Restricted keyway locks make use of a patented design that prevents unauthorized duplication of keys.

The keyway is only accessible by the locksmith who installed the locks, hence anyone else cannot manage to duplicate a key for your locks. Restricted keyway locks, therefore, create extra security for your business and other premises. The use of restricted keyway locks also eliminates the need for rekeying their locks every time an employee leaves the company.

Locksmiths have rights to this type of key hence are legally protected. Restricted keyway locks help protect your business because they are notoriously difficult to copy due to the presence of some blanks that are difficult to encode, hence providing security to your business at another level. Lastly, they are typically much more difficult to pick open and are sometimes even bump proof or pick proof.

3. Cameras and Access Control for Security Purposes

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Commonly, you would call a locksmith to replace your locks or when you have locked yourself out without keys to access your business premises. Many of today’s modern locksmiths are well rounded in matters concerning your business or office security. A well-trained and skilled locksmith can reinforce your safety at any level, including installing CCTV cameras.

A locksmith will help you install all types of security systems, including CCTV cameras and access control systems. However, it’s essential to warn intruders or evil-doers that cameras and other security systems are watching. Your locksmith will also assist you with access control, whereby you can provide limited access to certain people. You can decide to restrict access according to an employee’s role or their ranks within the company.

Your locksmith can help you install sensitive cameras which will detect even the tiniest movements to deter evil-doers from achieving their mission. Cameras on your business premises will be able to monitor your employees’ activities and monitor their actions. You will also be able to monitor intruders who may pose as customers.

Installing cameras with access control systems will also help you protect your property and monitor the movement of your assets within the property. In an event, you can refer back to the recorded events and determine your claim accurately.

4. Secure Property With A Safe

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Many people used to associate safes with banks, however, nowadays you can find a safe in almost every business. Some home offices also have safes. However, it may not make sense if you have a safe with a lock that is not working. A safe locksmith will professionally repair your safe, and your property will be safe.

For the safety of your cash, office documents, confidential documents, and valuable assets, you may need to have a locksmith reinforce the security of your safe. If you want to buy a high-quality safe, you can buy it from locksmiths. Locksmiths can help you change your lock combinations if you are not happy with the current lock combinations.

If you have locked your business safe and cannot remember your safe lock combinations, you need not worry; safe locksmiths will professionally unlock your safe. That’s not all; locksmiths will also help you move your safe and install safes to your new business premises.

5. Emergency Services

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Yes, locksmiths are on a 24/7 schedule to respond to your lock repair services and in case of a lockout. Locking yourself out of your car, especially the high-end vehicle is stressful. However, car locksmiths will help you take back control of your car. They will help you unlock your car professionally without breaking the lock linkage system or lock cylinders of your car.

Similarly, do not mess with your door lock if you have locked your keys inside your business premises or your key has broken off inside the lock. Call a well-trained locksmith, and your business operations will resume within the shortest time possible. The locksmiths will ensure they professionally give you access to your business and, at the same time, provide a replacement key in case of a door-key break-off.

When you feel that the security of your business premises is under threat, do not hesitate to contact locksmiths at any hour. Your locksmiths will be able to assess the situation and look for ways to reinforce the security of your business premises.


You have your best mechanic. Right? Then it’s high time you get your best locksmiths. Professional locksmiths will reinforce the security of your car, your home, your business property and even help you monitor your employees.

Don’t worry if you can’t crack the combination of your office safe; professional locksmiths will help you do exactly that. Don’t let the safety concerns of your locks interfere with your profits; call in your locksmiths. You won’t go wrong with professional locksmiths who are skilled and tech-savvy!