Medical Spas offer various services like treatment for chronic pains, massages that relieve pain and reduce stress, skin abrasions that cleanse the skin, etc. These spas use medically sound practices and use products that have health benefits to help their customers.

The number of medical spas and wellness centers is increasing every single day. If these spas have to stay afloat despite the stiff competition and retain their old customers, they must use a good marketing strategy.

There are several reasons why people might want to visit a medical spa. Some might want to get cured of chronic arthritis. Some people might be looking forward to spending some relaxed moments away from their busy, monotonous lives. If a medical spa owner has to grab many of these customers, he can find here med spa marketing strategies that can improve their business.

Some Useful Medical Spa Marketing Approaches

Upgrade Media Presence

If spas have to make profits, they will have to be seen by potential customers. If the spas have a media presence be it digital or print media like newspapers, they will attract more customers. The easiest way to be seen is to have a website or an application. Moreover, the website has to be appealing.

In order to make a website appealing, the easiest thing to do is to put up beautiful pictures. Investing in hiring a professional photographer to click beautiful pictures and engaging a videographer to create videos of live massaging sessions can significantly increase customers. Also, hiring good writers to write up blogs on the various services offered can increase bookings.

Make The Websites Useful


The website should be upgraded at regular intervals. The website should be such that it should load quickly. Also, the website should be made as interactive as possible. For this, there should be a facility for online bookings and cancellations through the webpage.

People also like to enquire about the services offered before they book one for themselves. Hence the website should have videos where experts discuss the various services provided. There should also be a detailed section on frequently asked questions that should comprehensively cover the needs of customers.

Also, the website should be easy to navigate, and if people do not know how to go to the booking page, they will lose interest quite soon. The web page should load quickly on mobile phones. This is crucial because most people browse the internet on their mobile phones while traveling to their workplace or college.

Promoting The Services

Like any other business venture, a medical spa has to promote its services. A spa’s website or blogs can be promoted by collaborating with celebrities or experts in the medical tourism industry. Also, tie-ups with traveling agencies can increase the visibility of a particular medical spa.

Another way to promote a particular brand is to use other brands that provide similar services. If a spa puts an advertisement on another spa’s webpage, then people who visit the other webpage can also check out the spa that has put up the advertisement.

Listing The Spa On Digital Media


In earlier times, businesses would advertise in newspapers or share business cards. In the present times, most transactions happen over the internet. Hence, a medical spa with a good marketing approach should promptly come as an option if someone searches for such services on the internet.

The business listing should be very informative for it to be useful for potential customers. There should be up-to-date information about the address of the space and contact details like phone numbers, email addresses, etc. There should also be a mention of the working house or working days for the given business.

Customer reviews should be encouraged as these go a long way in building trust in the service quality. Customer feedback can give insights into the services that are high in demand. Thus, the services and their quality can be tuned to the buyer’s preferences.

Engage With Customers

Engaging with customers is vital to boosting bookings. Spa owners can organize surveys and collate the responses to the survey questions to improve service delivery. If someone has taken a special therapy or a massage session, then follow up.

Personalized emails and messages can be sent to get feedback after people have taken the service. This creates a personal bond with the customer and increases the chances of their booking another service in the near future.

Also, the engagement has to be regular; if the client feels ignored or if they get better offers somewhere else, it will get just a few clicks to switch to a competitor’s medical spa. Hence, the blogs, videos, and photographs on the web pages should not be old and outdated. They should have the latest and most relevant information to attract and intrigue the client.

Invest For The Clients


There should be unique plans for festivals and holiday seasons. In fact, medical spas can organize online competitions and give out hampers to the winners. Loyal clients should be rewarded by giving them incredible discounts every time they book a particular massage or therapy session.

There can be special packages that can be designed based on unique themes. For instance, one package could exclusively cater to people suffering from chronic joint pain. There could be a package focusing on enhancing facial glow like cleansing, laser treatments, etc. Such creative schemes and offers can significantly boost bookings with little investment.


A good marketing approach can ensure that a lot of potential clients come to know about a particular brand and make their first booking. However, retaining customers requires much more than a good marketing approach.

People tend to believe in those brands where other people have had a good experience. Thus, maintaining good relationships with old customers can go a long way in boosting bookings and revenues. It requires giving consistent quality services. It also involves investment in research to find cures and therapies that can actually redress the client’s grievances.