Times have never been better for the SaaS industry. In a hardly inspiring economic climate, the industry is not just alive and well, it’s booming.

Remote work has all but become the norm for the majority of companies. The Covid pandemic has reshaped the way we do business and look at work, and the demand for online services has skyrocketed. It is truly the SaaS industry’s day in the sun.

Top SaaS marketing strategies to grow your business

In the sections below we will discuss top SaaS marketing strategies that will be helpful in growing your business.

Track SaaS metrics that matter in 2024

Everybody knows the value of great SEO performance. That one’s a no-brainer. However, there’s always something you could be doing better.

For starters, make sure you’ve got your finger on the pulse. Getting your search engine ranking to improve starts with capturing the right data about your online performance. Ensure you are keeping a keen eye on the SaaS marketing metrics that matter.

Are you on top of things when it comes to user acquisition, revenue stats, and marketing metrics? Every business has its own peculiarities, so steer clear of the cookie-cutter approach and make sure you’re making informed strategic decisions using the data-driven insights you glean from your operations.


Tracking metrics such as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), activation and churn rates, Cost Per Click (CPC), Click-Through Rate (CTR), helps keep your decision-making process aligned with your marketing objectives.

With your data strategy sorted out, you can then aggressively pursue tactics that shore up your weaknesses and leverage your strengths.

If your SaaS business isn’t experiencing the benefits it should, you might want to consider the following SaaS marketing strategies to get you in on the action too or you can take tips from some SaaS content marketing agency so that you can utilize some important points from their experience.

Get closer to your customer

Marketing should never be a one-way street. In the SaaS industry, this is no different. Think about content that enables you to gather as much feedback about your customers as possible., and invest in it.

Quizzes, interesting surveys, polls on issues that matter to your clients, are all different, creative, interactive ideas that let you hear your customers’ voices.

Do you have guides, articles, or other resources that address a specific pain point? Offer a survey that enables customers to give you more information about their problem, and then share the resource that addresses it.

You can design a quiz and give them personalized feedback depending on the answers they provide, and from there, offer the option to schedule a consultation with you.

This two-way communication helps you ensure you’re always in the know about what issues your clients are most concerned with.

Give your brand credibility and authority

Especially in the B2B sphere, you want to show that you know your stuff. A great way to do this is by publishing in-depth case studies and high-quality white papers. Doing so gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise and understanding of the problems your clients might be facing.


For businesses in particular, the SaaS solution you provide is likely to be a strategic operational asset that could make or break their business. To win them over, you need to convincingly show that you can indeed deliver the solution they’re looking for.

Case studies detail how other businesses in a similar situation have successfully leveraged your product to achieve their goals. Put in the work, produce content that is polished, detailed, and communicates the standards of excellence that you adhere to.

For case studies, take the time to thoroughly research the story. Incentivize your existing customers to share their experiences by offering them some sort of benefit in return. This could be a discount, free licensing or subscription, or some other mutually beneficial arrangement.

Simplify things for potential clients

You have a great product. You’ve thought about a million different things that could be relevant to the different buyer personas you want to cater for. It is tempting, and even logical, to want to show your clients the wealth of choices they have before them.

Placing every possible option in front of your potential clients might impress some, but it is also likely to lead many to abandon the attempt altogether. On your landing pages, simplify things as much as possible to avoid confusing, overwhelming, or frustrating them.

Make it easy for newcomers to digest what it is you have to offer. Whittle down the number of choices on your landing pages to something manageable, for example three pricing plans and their biggest benefits. And then provide more details elsewhere.

Make it easy to try your SaaS product. Is your registration process a long-winded affair? Try not to make your clients jump through hoops before they can even determine whether your product is what they’re looking for. You could, for instance, remove the requirement for credit card information when they’re signing up for a free trial.

Offer freebies


Do you already have a healthy client base? Leverage them to bring in new customers. Offer them referral benefits. You could give them discounts, early access to new products, upgrade them to more premium tiers, and a lot more.

Looking for new customers? The proof is in the pudding. Give them a free trial and make the signup process painless.

Loyalty programs make it harder for existing customers to leave you. Your competitors are always on the prowl, trying to entice your customers over. But the grass doesn’t always have to be greener on the other side.

Think about offering annual paid memberships that open up early access to new products, premium membership discounts, and other incentives. Throw in goodies like free or expedited shipping. Whatever you do, loyal customers are a prized asset, make them feel valued.


There’s never been a better time to be in the SaaS business. The covid-accelerated shift in the way business is done has put online services in unprecedented demand.

Whether you are in the industry and not reaping the benefits, or simply looking to enhance your business success, it is worth taking another look at your SaaS marketing strategy with the tips we’ve shared in mind to ensure you’re not missing out on any low-hanging fruit.