Running an e-commerce business isn’t as easy as it looks. While people might think it’s easier since you don’t have to worry about taking care of the physical store, it might cause more stress since you need to worry about plenty of things all at once.
As an e-commerce owner, your main goal is to increase your sales.

In this way, you can generate more income, which you can use for your personal gain or maximize your business’s assets, allowing you to grow your company. However, with the Shopify environment, you can just anticipate tough competition, especially that there are plenty of entrepreneurs on your lane. Moreover, listed below are the helpful ways to increase your Shopify store sales:

1. Improve Customer Service


One of the biggest factors with your business is your customer service. If people find out you provide the worst service, people will try their best to dodge your business and look for an alternative instead, no matter how great your product is. After-care service is vital for most customers as they want to ensure they’re not wasting their money on a faulty product.

There are plenty of customer service management tools you can install in your Shopify store, which allow you to respond to your customer queries faster. You can search for apps online like JivoChat and others wherein you can provide your customers with a live support chat answering inquiries. The faster you respond to your clients, the better it’ll be for your business, and having a live support chat will help do the trick.

2. Always Be On The Go

With your Shopify business, you can’t expect to be in front of your computer 24/7 to monitor and manage your store. While you can allow that to happen, you need to get up once in a while and head off to a different place. However, when you leave your home, you should always keep yourself updated with any process your store is going into. With that, a good Shopify app installed on your phone would be helpful.

Since Shopify is getting popular nowadays, there are plenty of apps you can install on your smartphones. In this way, you can always be connected and you can manage your business on the go. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting home and seeing many errors and complaints on your business when you can resolve them right away through your phone.

3. Improve SEO


Most people will rely on their search engines if they’re looking for a specific product and don’t know where to purchase them. With that, you might want to be the first result when they search, and you can achieve that by improving your SEO and following the trend.
SEO plays a vital role in gathering more audiences into your website organically.

In this way, you don’t have to spend on advertisements when you can allow the power of your website to do the job for you. As you put yourself in the top three of the results pages, you can gather more customers as people don’t scroll to the bottom of the page. With the right SEO, you can increase traffic in your Shopify store, maximizing the possibility of increasing your sales.

4. Provide Promos And Discounts

Who doesn’t like to purchase something that allows you to save money? Almost everyone, especially if it’s a product you’ve wanted to have for weeks. To allow your Shopify business to increase sales, you might like to offer promos and discounts to your customers, allowing them to purchase your products at a much lower price.

To maximize the chances of returning customers and referrals, you should try to provide discounts on their next purchase. In this way, if they need to purchase something, they’ll put your store on top of their list, especially with the discount code they have on their hands. In this way, they’ll be happier to purchase from you as they get to save more money.

5. Implement Good Marketing Strategy


For your audience who subscribed to your email list, you should implement a good marketing strategy that’ll help motivate them to purchase from your website. With proper marketing and appropriate reminders, your audience will be aware of your business’s existence and visit your store if they receive an email that interests them.

For your customers, you need to do various things to catch their attention. While providing discounts and promotions would help, it’d be better to implement a personalized email that explicitly targets a customer individually.

You can send them a deal of a certain product they’ve been eyeing or remind them of the carts they left on your website. As you target your customers through email, ensure that you send the notifications during working hours and try to avoid sending them during night time as you might wake them.

6. Include Various Payment Options

Not everyone may want to use their PayPal accounts when checking out from a website. If they’re already on the checkout page and they see that it’s your only available channel to purchase, they might abandon your cart and look for an alternative instead. To prevent that from happening, you should provide various payment options for your customers to consider.

Apart from PayPal, you should also offer debit and credit card options along with cash on delivery (COD) if possible. Ideally, your Shopify store should handle the most popular payment technology such as Visa and Mastercard to cater to most of your customer’s cards.

7. Offer Bundle Deals


One way you can increase your sales on your Shopify store is to provide bundle deals that’ll allow your customers to save more. With this tactic, people might consider purchasing your deal even if they don’t really need the additional product just because it allows them to save money. With this strategy, you can sell more, enabling you to generate more sales.

Ideally, you should offer bundle deals that go along with each other. If you’re selling wines, you can present a cheese board or steak bundle that goes hand in hand. You can also offer various flavors that come in small sizes, allowing your customers to get a taste of multiple wine options. This may help them find their new favorite and keep on purchasing at your store for a refill.


A Shopify store can provide plenty of applications you can install, allowing you to manage more effectively. In this way, everything you need will be on a single platform and prevent you from switching from one website to another. With that, you need to improve your tactics and strategy. While it may be challenging, it’ll be worth it once you acquire profits from it.