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The average business owner spends thousands of dollars a year on technology. Generally, 8 percent of a company’s budget will be allocated to technology-related expenses. These expenses range from updating existing technology and upgrading pieces of the IT infrastructure.

One of the main things a business owner should think about is how to keep their network safe and reliable. Without the right amount of maintenance and upgrades, a business network will begin to slow down significantly. The slower it gets, the harder it will be for a business owner and their employees to be productive. Rather than losing money due to network performance issues, you need to take action.

Here are some of the things you can do to improve network performance.

Improve your network performance

Have a Game Plan For Virtualization

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The hottest trend in the world of business IT is cloud-based servers and virtualization. Most business owners understand that without the headache of onsite server rooms, they can save a lot of time and money. However, the more you put on a cloud-based server, the slower it will inevitably get. The only way to fix this problem is by expanding your bandwidth and capabilities.

Often times, cloud-server providers will be able to expand your capabilities with the click of a button. You also need to inquire about any other server optimization they can offer. Are you looking for more information about server optimization? If so, you can check out

Invest in Comprehensive Network Monitoring

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While most companies realize the benefit of expanding the tech tools they have at their disposal, many fail to realize how important it is to monitor their network for problems. The more technology you add to your network, the harder you will find it to avoid slowdowns and problems. The best way to stay out ahead of these problems is by investing in comprehensive network monitoring solutions.

Most IT professionals provide these services for a competitive price. With this monitoring, you can find out about performance and security issues early on. The earlier these issues are caught, the easier you will find it to fix them with limited disruption. Attempting to do this monitoring work on your own will result in mistakes being made. This is why working with experienced professionals is so important.

Reduce the Number of Network Users

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One of the basic things you should know about a business network is that the more users it has, the slower your connection will ultimately be. While you may think offer customers access to WiFi is a good idea, it really isn’t. If a large number of customers are on your network at one time, it will lead to you and your team being unable to access files, send emails or even download attachments.

This is why it is so important to restrict access. The additional network speed this provides you will make this change well worth it.

Restrict access to your network

Get Your Network Tested Regularly

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Making sure your network is fully secured is also important when trying to reduce slowdowns and crashes. Allowing an IT professional to test your network for security vulnerabilities is essential. With the information from these tests, you can optimize the security measures you have in place or invest in new ones if needed.

Network Improvements are a Great Investment

As time goes by, the needs of your business and your network will change. This is why investing in upgrades is so important. The right upgrades will enhance their functionality and performance substantially.