If you don’t currently use video conferencing for business meetings, then now is a great time to implement them.

Video conferences are a superior tool to basic phone conferences and they can work even better than an in-person meeting. They are conveniently accessible to remote workers and busy clients, which saves time and energy that is better spent on productivity.

Several other benefits are earned through video conferences, which won’t be experienced with audio calls or physical meetings. According to Microsoft, “seeing your colleagues face-to-face, even virtually, creates a sense of connectedness and therefore builds trust.”

Trust is a vital component of business that makes teamwork and collaboration come naturally. Without it, synergy is non-existent and performance declines.

Let’s take a look at the other advantages of video conferencing so that you can start benefiting from using them for your business meetings.

What Is Video Conferencing?


To start, it’s useful to know what video conferencing is before understanding how it can help your business.

Video conferencing is the use of multiple video feeds joined together to allow several people to see each other and communicate simultaneously. It’s similar to a phone conference, except that it includes the use of video for added depth.

This lets everyone in the video conference see other participating members, just like being at a physical meeting. With that in mind, a video conference is a mixture of an in-person meeting and a phone conference.

Better Engagement

The first perk of video conferencing is better engagement from everyone involved.

When you can directly see other people, there’s greater accountability for what you’re doing. Talking on the phone makes it easy to pay attention to something else or multitask, but you can’t do that on a video conference.

As a result, you’ll be focusing on the other people in the video conference because you have someone to look at and vice versa. You can read their facial expressions, reactions, and have a face to connect to a voice.

This makes a video conference quite personal, which leads to participants being more engaged in the conversation.

Improved Efficiency


When your employees are locked-in and engaged, it allows the video conference to be an efficient style of meeting up.

The main problem with an in-person meeting is the demand of traveling amid a busy work schedule. With a video conference, they can quickly join and give their input without needing to take multiple hours out of their day for it.

Furthermore, the nature of a conference keeps the discussion focused. It’s easy to get sidetracked during a physical meetup, but a video conference comes with the understanding that everyone is there to discuss what is at hand.

According to Top10VoIPList being able to communicate face-to-face over the internet increases the effectiveness of communication, making conversations flow more naturally

Many times video conferences are scheduled because there simply isn’t any time to meet up. This allows for a condensed conversation that gets directly to the point.

Boosted Productivity

Another fantastic bonus is boosted productivity resulting from a video conference.

The entire purpose of a video conference is to get stuff done. You get a face-to-face meeting that focuses on a sole objective.

Say a client has a specific question. Rather than wasting your (and their) time, you can have a quick conference that fully addresses their concerns.

It’s also fantastic for teams of people located in different locations. Instead of suffering through the miscommunication of phone calls and emails, a video conference will include the visual aid that people need.

During a video conference, there’s a lot of potential for what you can do. Not only do you see other faces, but you can include props and demonstrations to help illustrate a point.

Video conferences save time and effort, allowing people to quickly understand what they need to know. This gives them more time to work and attend to other pressing matters.

Stronger Teamwork


As we just mentioned above, video conferencing is amazing for teams working in different locations.

Not only is accurate communication important, but so too is having a face to pair with a person that someone is working with. This gives the communication a personal touch, which comes with a unique set of perks.

When one team member can see another team member’s face, it allows them to connect with them. They can form a bond and see that teammate as another person rather than just a name on a screen.

While video conferencing is efficient and focused on illustrating a point, it does allow for team members to socialize.

Imagine the scenario of a water cooler, where coworkers often stop for a drink and a quick chat. There isn’t a water cooler for team members in different locations to meet up at, so a video conference can replace that.

It’s crucial that teammates like one another and develop trust. This results in better teamwork and enhanced performance.

Simplified Coordination

The last thing to consider is that a video conference makes coordination extremely simple.

There’s no need to travel to a physical location, eliminating commuting time for everyone. You won’t need to block off multiple hours for both you and the other parties, which makes scheduling a time slot easy.

If you have any telecommuters or remote employees, this makes it convenient for them to join. They can still participate without needing to leave the comfort of their home or office.

Employees and clients alike are much more agreeable to a video conference than an in-person meeting. It saves precious time and energy that does not need expending when there’s an excellent alternative.

Almost anyone has a few minutes for a quick video chat. Most people can’t spend multiple hours on a meeting that can be summarized in just five minutes.

Closing Thoughts


Video conferencing is an incredibly powerful tool that comes with several fantastic benefits. A video conference entails digitally talking to multiple people at once with face-to-face interaction.

With the use of video conferencing, you can expect better engagement, improved efficiency, boosted productivity, stronger teamwork, and simplified coordination. This makes it superior to a basic phone conference or time-consuming in-person meeting.

Start using video conferences for your business meetings so that you can take advantage of all of these excellent perks! It’s extremely cheap to set up and is well worth the time and effort it saves for all parties involved.