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Many types of gears can be produced through gear manufacturing which comes in a variety of forms since there are a lot of different processes and materials that can be used. Hobbing is a process of cutting and shaping gears using special milling machines which enable manufacturers to cut them with great precision from raw materials. These machines are an effective and efficient way of acquiring high-quality parts in a very short time. Here are some things to know about them.

How do they work?

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Since gears are used in numerous technologies and industries, they need to be available in different shapes, sizes, and functions, and hobbing machines need to accommodate demand.

These machines start cutting a blank piece from either the top or bottom and gradually increase the depth of the carve until the desired one is reached. The piece is then slightly lowered or raised so that the machine can cut through it to the other side. Most machines can cut stacked gear blanks simultaneously, reducing production time while providing quality pieces.

Today, most gear cutting machines utilize CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology and this machining process allows the production of custom-designed parts utilizing computerized controls and rotating multi-cutting tools. They are great for efficiently producing highly accurate pieces in record time. Gears come in different sizes, so not all machines can produce all types of gears. Manufacturers such as Strojimport offer different models that can be used for different applications.

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What types of gears can they produce?

They can produce a variety of types such as spur, helical, worm, and cycloid gears. They are also able to produce spindles, twisted shafts, chain-sprockets, splines, and gear segments. The gears are used in a variety of products, for conveyors, electric motors, automotive components, and much more and are common in the auto, aerospace, and textile industries.

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What are the benefits?

High Accuracy

The cutting process uses specialized milling machines that utilize computer technology to get highly accurate and precise shapes and sizes.

High Production Speed

Due to automation, these high-speed devices can produce several hundred parts in a short period which is especially great if one needs the product for a project that is time-sensitive.

Highly Practical

As mentioned above, they can be used to produce a variety of gears and they can also produce ones with not only external but internal teeth as well. One can get products made from all available materials such as steel, aluminum, bronze, alloys, other metals, and even plastics.

Multiple Use

One gear cutting machine is not used for a single product. They offer multiple variations for different applications and products, making them highly efficient and cost-effective.

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Since the gear manufacturing industry is constantly changing, choosing the most effective tools and machining methods is crucial. Updating the range of gear cutting machines, especially ones utilizing CNC technology, will enable the mass-production of products that are extremely precise, accurate, and are consisting of high quality. Not only can they improve efficiency, but also the entire manufacturing process.