There are many different ways one can commemorate their business and celebrate the years they have spent creating, developing, and making it grow and become successful. Some companies launch a customer appreciation campaign or host an event while others create commemorative merchandise or release limited-edition offerings.

However, as nice as all of it sounds, these are mostly things with a short duration or life-span, meaning that they might not truly immortalize your company.

Regardless, there is another way this could be done, something that will last for many generations and it comes in the form of engraved bricks, tiles, or arrays. Not only that, but they can be used in a special kind of charity event known as brick fundraising.

What this means is that with such technology you could not only do one wonderful thing but two – create something that will represent your company for a lifetime, but also raise money and support a good cause.

If you are unfamiliar with this technology and would like to learn more or if you are interested to know more about these fundraising campaigns, here are some things to have in mind.

What Is Laser Engraving?


As the name suggests, it utilizes cutting-edge laser machines to etch desired details onto tiles or bricks. The extremely hot beam creates dark marks that stand out, especially in sunlight, and will provide a durable end product of high-quality.

Thanks to these machines, one now has a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the graphics, fonts, brick size and color, language, custom logo, and more.

Besides clay bricks, one can also opt for concrete bricks or granite tile which are both stronger and more durable than clay. Other options might include porcelain wood tiles and porcelain ceramic tiles and the best thing about all of these products is that they come with a lifetime warranty.

Where Can They Be Placed?

Depending on the amount of available space you have, the material, and the size, you can stack them and turn them into a wall or simply place them on the ground.

No matter where you decide to put them, you can rest assured that they will endure the test of time without damage. You can even opt for an engraved array which is essentially a display of your message on multiple bricks.

What are The Benefits of Laser Engraving?


There are several reasons why you should opt for this method with the first being durability and safety. The words or design you have chosen go directly into the brick which means that no part was removed,  so the integrity of your product stays intact.

No extra paints or solvents are put over it, so laser engraving is also considered green. The process offers many customization possibilities and diversification opportunities, the product will experience no fading over time and it is also maintenance-free.

What Is Brick Fundraising?

These types of projects are great for schools, hospitals, churches, museums, non-profits, and the like and simply encourage supporters to pay or sponsor a brick. In return, the supporter’s name will be engraved on it. When it comes to their placement, there are many ideas one can choose from and the project can be short-term, long-term, and even ongoing.

For example, they can be used to create engraved brick pavers on top of an existing concrete sidewalk or added to low walls in the courtyard.

Schools can offer current and former students a chance to add their names and graduation years. When it comes to memorial bricks, fundraisers can build a wall and allow supporters to add the names of their loved ones that have passed away.

By choosing to install your commemorative bricks in a sand bed your fundraising campaign can be an ongoing one since the blank bricks are easily removed from it and can be replaced with engraved ones. You can visit if you are interested in learning more about this.

The Wording


There is certainly a lot of space for words to be written on, however, keep in mind that the fewer letters and words are engraved the easier it will be to read. This will also depend on the size which commonly measures either 4” x 8” or 8” x 8” although larger 12” x 12” ones are also available.

The recommended maximum for each would be 3 lines and 18 characters for the smallest, 6 lines and 18 characters for the middle-sized, and 10 lines, 23 characters for the biggest bricks.

Your Marketing Campaign

Do not forget to emphasize that the bricks your donors pay for will receive a permanent placement. This is a very effective way to attract potential supporters. To market your fundraiser you can use several different tools such as creating a customized website, brochures, fliers, having a sample display area, signs and banners or by utilizing social media, email marketing, and other online tools.

Always include the pricing and provide some sample photos so that people can see what the brick will look like before they decide to donate. Make it a fun, interactive event and do not forget to show appreciation for the people supporting your cause.

Before starting anything, sit down and make a thorough plan since it will enable you to do everything else faster and more efficiently and it will also help you avoid stress or frustration.

How to Choose a Company?


There are many companies that offer such services, so take some time comparing them before deciding. Consider the price per brick, delivery and shipping expenses, setup charges, additional fees, as well as how long they have worked in the industry, whether they provide free samples or not, and if they offer any special discounts.


This is a great way to raise money for a good cause, but also commemorate your business since you can choose to display an array with the logo and name of your company, surrounded by the names of your supporters which is a memory that will last for many years in the future. Think about just how good it will look once finished and start planning your brick fundraising campaign as soon as possible.