Let’s recall our rhythm of life a decade ago. Some people are nostalgic about those peaceful times, while others admit that today’s life is much more comfortable. After all, we can solve many problems in just a couple of clicks in the app. Isn’t that cool?

Previously, we’ve been amazed by smart speakers and fitness bracelets. However, progress doesn’t stand still, and engineers from all over the world create amazing devices that work in connection to a smartphone.

So, we’ve collected some gadgets from Redmond, a leader in Smart Home technology. We bet you haven’t heard of them! Well, get ready to be surprised, then. Surely, you may decide to study these devices in more detail. No doubt, a little help won’t hurt, especially when the study load is overwhelming.

1. SkyKettle RK-G200S


Of course, happiness begins at home; that is our oasis in this crazy world. Perhaps one of the first things we do when we return there is put on comfortable clothes and make tea. Amazingly, an ordinary kettle can set you up in a cheerful mood!

The G200S in a stylish glass case is a real champion among smart kettles. You can literally color the gadget as you like. This is possible thanks to the backlight that users choose through the app. The illumination varies depending on the mode of operation: during boiling and heating, and even while the kettle is waiting for your command.

The device can not only boil but also heat water to the desired temperature. This allows you to brew any kind of tea according to recommendations that most of us usually ignore. When you match the brewing temperature of the tea to the chosen type of drink, the taste of the leaf is revealed perfectly. Surely, you will enjoy the tea ceremony to the fullest!

2. SkyCoffee RKM-M1505S


Brewing coffee remotely is a real gift for everyone who can’t imagine a day without one. This drink definitely invigorates us no less than music (which we listen to through wireless earphones) or exercise (which is rarely organized without a pedometer). If you hardly have time to prepare coffee, then RKM-M1505S is a must for you! After all, you can brew the drink even when you aren’t in the kitchen.

As in the case of smart multi-cookers, you have to put all the ingredients in SkyCoffee in advance. Then, there’s nothing to worry about. The app will display all the stages of making coffee on your screen and send a notification when everything’s ready.

By the way, RKM-M1505S is equipped with a built-in coffee grinder, and you are free to select the bean grinding time too. The longer the grinding takes, the stronger the finished coffee will be. Thus, the system is truly user-friendly.

3. SkyScale 741S-E


Are you on a diet to lose weight or gain muscle mass? Smart scales will help you reach your goal faster and have a more balanced diet.

With SkyScale, you don’t need to google how many calories products have. Everything is already at hand, right on your screen! Putting the product on the 741S, you will see its weight and content of calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. By weighing the ingredients for a dish, you can determine its total caloric content and nutrient composition.

How many of us got tired of counting calories? Luckily, SkyScale frees you from this boring activity, providing you with all the necessary information.

4. SkyDew 3310S


When thinking about comfort at home, we most likely consider a surveillance camera or a motion sensor. Many also appreciate Apple’s Air Tag for tracking stuff. However, we forget about the most important thing, which is the air!

More and more doctors are talking about how essential humidifiers are. The thing is that the air in our homes and offices is usually too dry. But our well-being hugely depends on this. When breathing dry air, our bodies become more vulnerable to viruses and microbes. Our eyes suffer as well, not to mention the skin.

Maintaining a certain level of humidity will not only improve your health but also save your furniture from drying out. Indeed, the dust doesn’t circulate in humid air and thus doesn’t accumulate in electrical appliances.

The SkyDew is suitable for rooms up to 80m², and it automatically maintains the humidity selected by the user. Even when you are away, you can be sure that the atmosphere at home will be favorable when you return there.

5. Wiperbot RW001


Perhaps we all strive for cleanliness, but sometimes we lack time and patience for this. Therefore, the cleaning robot becomes a life-saver! It will win your heart if you adore various innovations (by the way, have you already bought a VR headset?) and try to keep up with the times.

Such a device is equipped with a vacuum pump. Thanks to this, the robot is held on smooth vertical surfaces, be it window panes, tiled walls, or large mirrors. For the robot to start cleaning, plug the device into the network and install it on the glass.

Just a couple of clicks – and no more worries for the user! The artificial intelligence system in Wiperbot determines the boundaries of the cleaning area. Therefore, when it encounters a window frame, the robot is redirected to the other side.

Wiperbot copies the movements of the human hand; that is why it is absolutely effective and safe. On average, Wiperbot cleans 1 m² of surface in 2.5 minutes. You can manage the smart cleaning from your phone or via remote control.

To Wrap It Up

Many routine worries take up a lot of our time and can significantly spoil our mood. Are you late, and the coffee is not ready yet? Are you tired of counting calories? Do you hate cleaning? Well, in our list, you will find great solutions for all these issues. And most importantly, you will save yourself from unnecessary stress, which means you will feel better both physically and mentally.