Several details demand your attention when buying insurance. You must be aware that it is a detail-oriented process and that insurance companies take safety precautions before signing new clients. They want to check how big of a liability you are and whether you are going to represent a risk later on.

For this reason, insurance companies will want to inspect your vehicle before taking you up as a client. This is done to check if the vehicle is ready for the road and if driving it is a risk. We are going to talk about this in more detail down below, so stick around! If you want to learn more about insurance, visit Surex and get all the information you need!

What Is Car Inspection?


Car inspection is a process conducted on every vehicle and is required by law. This is to ensure that your car is functioning properly and according to set criteria, which in turn ensures the driver’s safety and the safety of those around them.

However, apart from this mandatory inspection, insurance companies require an inspection of their own before signing a new client or when a particular claim is made. This includes checking the engine, exterior, interior, lights, brakes, and a lot more. The inspection becomes all the more important if you drive an old car. It must be determined whether your car is roadworthy or not.

Did you know that the performance of your vehicle might affect your premium? The better the condition of your car, the lesser risk you present to the insurer. This means that your premium will be lower if you drive a properly operating vehicle. Some minor issues that can be fixed are not considered. However, some things can lead to an insurance company dropping you as a client.

Make sure your car is in good condition before you consider buying auto insurance. Furthermore, the inspection is done by a mechanic who does a thorough check and reports back to the insurer with the details. If they conclude that there are problems or potential risks with your car, you will have to fix them before the insurance company signs the contract with you.

Claims Inspection


If you were involved in an accident and your vehicle got damaged, totaled, or something was stolen, etc., you have the right to file a claim against your insurance company. If you are in the right, the company will have to reimburse the costs.

Before they pay you for the repair or replacement of the vehicle, the company will make sure that you’re telling the truth. Once the claim’s legitimacy is ascertained, they will determine the damage through inspection. Insurance companies take claims inspection very seriously as it determines several primary factors:

  • Whether your vehicle was damaged solely due to the accident, or you’re using the accident as a scapegoat to repair the damage caused at a previous point in time. For example, they will determine whether the marks and dents are fresh or not.
  • How damaged the vehicle is: This is the inspection’s main purpose because the parties must be aware of the harm.
  • How much is the repair going to cost: This is determined by the mechanic and is usually a significant amount of money. Nobody is supposed to profit from a claim and the goal is to simply cover the costs. 
  • Pictures of the damage: Click pictures of the accident and its consequences. It is an impeccable piece of evidence that makes sure that no party can lie about the severity of the case. Moreover, it is a part of the inspection process as well.

How Long Does It Last?

Car inspection is generally not a long process. It can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, but it might take up to a couple of hours if it is a more serious event.

The only thing that might make the process longer is if the car is not functioning and some things need to be fixed. The mechanics will need some time, and the amount of time depends on how big the problem is. After that, they will ensure that the car is stable and ready for the road!

Is Inspection Always Required?


As mentioned earlier, a car inspection is required before getting a policy and after filing a claim. However, there are a couple more instances when it must be conducted:

  • If you are renewing your policy: It generally takes 12 months to renew a policy, and that is more than enough time for a vehicle to start malfunctioning. Therefore, inspections must be done regularly.
  • If you sell your car to a new owner, it must be inspected – for obvious reasons. The new policyholder does not want to be scammed and car inspection serves as a prominent safety precaution.
  • If you get accessories or make any changes to the vehicle, an inspection is conducted to make sure that these changes will not affect the way the vehicle operates.
  • If you’re changing your coverage, your vehicle must be checked for safety reasons.

A particular instance when an inspection is not necessary is when you are only getting third-party liability coverage. However, this ultimately depends on your insurer and their demands.

Why Is Car Inspection Important?


Car inspection is relevant to insurance companies for numerous reasons, some of which we have mentioned before. However, it is also crucial for the driver. The inspection itself is not expensive nor is it conducted too often. This means that you’ll not find yourself staring at a huge cost.

Moreover, if you inspect your car on time, it might save you money in the long run as it would avoid certain damages. Some of these can even prove to be fatal, if not adhered to in time. Therefore, inspections also benefit your health and finances.


Car inspections are conducted for various reasons, but mostly to keep you and others safe on the road. A properly functioning vehicle is important to you and also your insurance company. Make sure that everything is in place before stepping on the road with your car!