Can I buy car insurance without proof? What documents must I provide to my insurer? What are the consequences of a false declaration? Several questions posed by owners or future owners of a vehicle.


Car insurance without proof is not possible. Your insurer must be able to verify that the information you provided when you made the quote is accurate.

Because your statements affect the amount of your premium, some drivers, to reduce the amount of their premium, might be tempted not to mention a claim or a termination.

To prevent this type of behavior, your insurer will ask you for a set of supporting documents to finalize your car insurance subscription.

What proof must I provide to purchase car insurance?

To finalize the subscription of your car insurance, your insurer can ask you for the following proofs:

  • A bank account statement (RIB) and the signed SEPA mandate if you wish to pay your auto insurance premiums by direct debit.
  • Your driver’s license and those of the persons mentioned on the contract.
  • Your registration certificate
  • Your statement of information covering three years.

If your vehicle has not been insured for more than 14 days, your car insurer may also ask for voluntary technical inspection.

Your car insurance without waiting with


With Cheapautoinsurance, you do not have to wait for their advisors to check your documents to get behind the wheel. You can ride the insured as soon as you make your first payment.

They immediately send you by email your temporary green card. You will then have a period of 30 days to send us all your receipts. Sending all your documents can be done from your smartphone (by taking a simple photo) via a simple and intuitive interface, by mail, or by post.

False statements, what are the consequences?

In case of misrepresentation, the insurer may decide to terminate your contract.

If a claim has occurred and the misrepresentation is intentional, he or she may refuse to pay the damage compensation amounts, and you will have to repay all the sums you have received.

On the criminal side, a false statement is liable to prosecution for fraud. You will then incur five years in prison and a massive penalty.