How brilliant is your co-worker or colleague? Do you work with a team with many ideas, or do you still need a group of intelligent people who will find quick and simple solutions? If so, maybe you should start thinking about hiring people who will be bright, that is, suggest them to your HR manager because they are smart and can help a lot.

There is much debate regarding the differences between brain size and intelligence. The general consensus is that larger brains allow humans to process information at a faster rate, hence their higher intelligence.

However, some studies suggest that having a smaller brain can also result in higher levels of creativity. Regardless of all this, the most important thing is for a person to be resourceful and to be able to find a quick and straightforward solution to the things he is facing.

A study conducted by scientists from University College London (UCL), but also from a large number of universities from around the world, examined the relationship between brain size and cognitive abilities. They compared 11 males who had suffered severe brain injuries to 12 healthy men.

By measuring the participants’ brain volume, researchers discovered that those with significantly reduced brain volume performed better on tests involving creativity. This suggests that big brains aren’t always more brilliant.

But anyway, let’s get back to the main question. Do you think that if you hire smart people, things will go more accessible and more straightforward? If you believe this is the right way to reach success, look at the benefits, the company can see if it hires people with a high IQ level.

1. They Have a Higher Success Rate than Others


If you currently have an open position for which you are receiving applications, make an effort first to carefully review the resume and see if it is the person you need, that is, the person with a high IQ level.

What to do to check your IQ level? Assign the task of taking a test on to each candidate, and the one who gets good results gets to be part of your team. A great idea, isn’t it? That way, you will allow yourself to have a higher success rate as a team and company, but he will also be satisfied with what he can contribute.

2. They Are Less Likely to Get Bored

Each task brings its own challenge and an opportunity to succeed, progress, and be better than the competitors. This is exactly how your team should look at things. Do you have a team that needs another member to work dynamically with you?

Hire a high-IQ team member! He will never feel bored, he will always work with you, but he can also give many brilliant ideas that will help the team and the company improve in the area.

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3. They Are More Innovative and Creative


Do you need something new that hasn’t come out of your company or your team before? A person with a high IQ might be the best help in this. They are full of innovative ideas and creativity and can very easily provide a solution that will make a boom and huge growth.

So don’t wait too long. Start recruiting now and find the person who, with his high level of intelligence, will contribute to great success in the team and the company.

4. They Can Focus Well

If you have a team member or are generally weak in focusing on the responsibilities and tasks that need to be completed, then you need a leader who will have excellent focus at all times. It could be the company’s new employee with a high IQ, but why not ask for it?

Start a search for a new person with a high IQ who can contribute to greater and faster growth and development by bringing focus from his side and maintaining the focus of the team he will be working with.

5. They Are More Productive and Effective

If anyone is productive, then it is surely the people with a high level of intelligence. They are workaholics who would rather do something and help someone with a task than just sit and stare at one point.

For that reason, teams need to be built with people who could contribute a lot with their productivity, add to the effectiveness of work, and lead to new and better successes for the team and, in general, for the brand they work for.

6. They Are Loyal and Trustworthy


If you think there is no such thing as a loyal employee, you haven’t had a high IQ person on your team or company. They are perhaps the most loyal, but above all, people with the greatest confidence in the work process and the fulfillment of goals.

It is for this reason that a growing number of people are looking for people with a high IQ so that they can form a team that will be extremely trustworthy will be loyal to the work, and will bring success to the company but also to the team with which it cooperates during the 8 working hours.

7. They Are More Willing to Learn

They always look for a way to learn something and never say no. For them, the best moment is when they are offered to learn something new. In such situations, they believe that improving their knowledge and skills can help the team and the company they work for. So if you are missing someone who would like to learn and grow, look for someone with a high IQ who will always want to be in the first place for learning and development.


According to what we see, we can see that the members of the teams should also have a colleague who would have a high IQ so that they can coordinate better, qualify, grow professionally and bring a lot of success to the team. and the company. This should be a practice that will allow each of the companies in the world to feel these benefits.