Every small business owner knows how hard is to build an organization from scratch. Many factors need to be taken into consideration. If you don’t have anyone to help you out with this process, then you will need to invest your best efforts, time, and resources into it.

At some moment, you will not be able to complete all of these tasks on your own. When that happens, you will need to start thinking about hiring some additional staff to help you. We are talking about one of the most complex processes out there.

Sure, not all of your employees will have the same feeling about the project you’re trying to build. For this reason, you will need to motivate them with a wide array of different factors. You will agree that focusing on all of these is not always easy.

One of these factors is giving them a salary they will be content with. Still, that salary needs to match employees’ capabilities and abilities. That’s why you need to find a way to test the abilities of each one of them. Giving them a pre-employment IQ test is one of the most important things you should do. If you want to check out a site where you can test it, be sure to visit

Now, let’s take a look at why it is important to give a pre-employment IQ test to your potential employees.

1. High Retention


Many people make the mistake of believing that this test will only tell you about someone’s abilities. Still, it needs to be said that it will have a major say in determining someone’s personality. You will certainly agree that someone who has all the characteristics of a team player is a good move.

That person will have good communication with other members of the team and help them bridge any gap. Plus, having a member of the team who doesn’t have a temperament that fits others will surely take a tool.

Without any doubt, you don’t want anyone who will have a bad effect on others. Also, you will need to find members of the team who will take on some managerial positions. These positions are followed with a lot of needed skills you will need to take into consideration.

2. Increased Performance

It doesn’t matter what field of work you are interested in, an IQ test will help you determine whether a certain person will fit a certain position. Not only that, you will have an insight into how efficient its performance will be in that situation.

The reason is that these tests encompass a wide array of different factors, not just the ones that are widely known as the crucial ones. That way, you will know what you can count on when it comes to the amount of work done in a certain situation.

We are talking about a helpful percentage for a wide array of different reasons. First, you will know how efficient your employee will be, and how many workers you will need for a certain department. Hiring more than you need is a money waste, and nobody would like to do that, right?

3. Less Time-Waste


Knowing how fast a certain process can be done is one of the more significant facts. Two factors determine it. The first one is the process itself, how long does it take to complete, how many sub-processes it has, and how they take to be done. The second factor is how competent the people who work on this process are. Therefore, you will need to enhance both of these factors.

The first one is enhanced through purchasing machines who can help you do that and using certain methods. The second factor is enhanced through choosing competent workers and providing them with a chance to educate themselves for that job. But many don’t understand that performing a pre-employment IQ test can help you determine how much time a worker will need to complete a task.

4. Turnover Rate Decline

The next benefit we would like to talk about is lowering the turnover rates. Sadly, we can see that a lot of business owners don’t quite understand how crucial it is. Making this rate as low as it is possible is a great way to boost the motivation of your employees.

Not only that but also new candidates will be more prone to join your organization after they have heard about the results it had achieved. The most efficient way you can get these rates down is to keep your workers motivated enough is by them performing complex tasks with a success.

Another factor is to give them a proper salary that will follow their hard work. These tests will help you see which one of your employees will be happy with these conditions. Still, you should know that determining this is not always easy.

5. Boost Legal Defensibility


When used properly, these tests can provide you with an insight into future legal defensibility. To use it properly, you should make it a part of the employment process, alongside interviews, reviewing resumes, etc. It needs to be said that many business owners are unaware of the fact that providing these tests is completely legal according to the word of law.

The reason why it can help with legal defensibility is it can validate whether a certain person is competent to perform these tasks. That way, you will have a legal way of protecting your hiring process, if some problems pop up along the way, which is not impossible. For this reason, we believe that you should pay attention to this factor and use it when hiring someone new into your team.

The Conclusion

We all know that these tests have been used for a wide array of different aspects. Still, we believe that not many business owners use them to determine whether someone is fit for the position they are offering. That’s why we believe that this is something you should focus on most. Only by doing that, you will have the right figures in front of you.