60% of businesses are having difficulty sourcing the right talent, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). A strong team is one of the most valuable resources when you need your new company to get off on the right foot. When you acquire the best talent, your company grows steadily, and your business positions itself as a strong leader in the market. 

A strong IT team is one of the most valuable resources for a company

A good team is one that has the right skills for the job, one that can brainstorm new ideas, maintain productivity, and has values and a vision that aligns with those of your company. Here’s how to choose a winning IT team and accelerate growth in your startup.

Know What You’re Looking for

To make sure you hire the right IT team, you first need to identify the gaps within your current talent pool and be clear about what you want. Different IT professionals have varying technical skills, therefore you need candidates who have the talent for the position you want to fill. Your budget, available resources, and short term and long term goals will also play a critical role when it comes to hiring. 


If you have a lengthy project, it’s best you hire full-time experts as they will be more involved in the work, understand your company’s culture, and stay loyal. For short-term work and other peripheral duties, you can hire part-time employees or contractors to limit your costs and give you flexibility. After you’ve decided exactly what you want, create a detailed job description to attract the right candidates only.

Partner With a Recruitment Expert

Most companies today are actively seeking top technology talent, and you don’t want your startup to be left behind. If you want IT professionals who will achieve results, it’s best you partner with a recruitment expert to help you make the perfect selection. These skilled recruiters handle all the complex details of hiring. If you are wondering where to find one, you can check out WGroup.

They first consult with you to understand your requirements, source candidates who fit the role, conduct interviews, vet them, and bring you highly qualified experts. Having a professional to handle the IT recruiting process will ensure you source the right skills, minimize risks, and gives you space to focus on more pressing issues.

Get Your Employees More Involved During Hiring

Teamwork is what drives a company forward. During the recruitment process, make sure you involve members of your team during the entire recruitment journey, as noted in a Forbes article. The team will give you valuable insights that may not be obvious to you and even provide useful referrals. This will increase your chances of finding a candidate who fits seamlessly into the crew. When other employees are involved, they will be more welcoming to the new recruit, eager to work with them and mentor them to smoothen the orientation process.


Take Your Time

To fill your company’s ranks with the best IT professionals, follow our tips

To get the best candidates, you need to be patient. A slow hiring process will help you identify if the person will be fit for the job in the long term. You will know the candidate’s character, key strengths, and work approach. An applicant who has the skills and experience but lacks the proper attitude may be toxic to your work environment. Look for someone who’s ready to grow, learn, and adapt to your company’s culture, as noted in the Huffington Post. 

Final Thoughts

The cornerstone of a successful company is its employees. Therefore, you need to ensure you hire the right team. To fill your company’s ranks with the best IT professionals, look for individuals who have skills that match the position, are compatible with your work culture, and those with great personalities.