As the never-ending COVID-19 cases rise, businesses face a challenge, and laundry services are not an exception. A strong customer base is an answer to a striving company. However, with the pandemic, there are restrictions. These restrictions made laundromats and any businesses have their loyal customers visit their shop, and it challenges them how to drive new clients.

Check out these useful suggestions on how to drive more clients to your laundromat franchise.

Take an Extra Mile


Today, every single customer is valuable– business owners cannot slip the chance of making their customers happy. While everyone has to have their laundry done, consumers have several laundromats to choose from. You need to have a competitive edge to make them choose your business.

In this case, it is best to take the extra mile and invest in entertainment amenities and digital marketing. An entertainment amenity will help your customers perceive that going to your laundry shop is less than a chore– make them feel they are taking a break from their daily living. Take inspiration from those laundromats that air games or movies on their television or those who have video games available.

Meanwhile, using digital marketing– creating a website and social media profiles for your business would be a big help. It is much better than traditional marketing.  You can provide more information about your business events and services. Also, you can give laundry tips and tricks to your web visitors.

Use Intelligent Technology

Since the pandemic, people go out less than usual, and they are looking for laundry shops that offer convenience. That’s why it is best to have an upgrade in your services– laundry pickup and delivery, online payments, laundry business app, or any intelligent move you can do to give more of the bare minimum for convenience.

Use intelligent technology to provide convenience. Most commercial laundry shops are starting to introduce their mobile laundry app to their consumers. Laundry mobile apps allow your consumers to book a service, monitor their laundry, and pay with just a few easy taps. If you have these intelligent and convenient technologies, you will most likely retain loyal consumers and attract new ones.

Moreover, ensure that you add new services that do not need you to extend your staff or budget. Impress your customer base and create more opportunities.

Maintain High-Quality Washer and Dryer Machines


In the laundry business, service quality entails a fast turnaround time. You have to make your services quick and efficient to keep up with the demands. That’s why it is never a loss to invest in an expensive but high-quality washer and dryer machines.

Moreover, do not be afraid to upgrade your laundry equipment and add other amenities. It is also an effective way to ensure customers and potential clients that you can provide high-quality services.

Partnership with Local Businesses

Before the pandemic, the business partnership gives a more significant opportunity and benefits. However, with the situation, a joint partnership with restaurants and hotels have reduced.

Although cafes, restaurants, gyms, or hotels are closing or reducing their guest count, maintain your business partnership with them. You can have cross-promotion services in-store and online. Let’s say you can partner with a pizza delivery diner. Ask if you can distribute your coupons or fliers on their pizza boxes; they get a free or discount laundry service in exchange.

Using this opportunity will give you new customers.

Increase Online Visibility


Most people are regularly on social media or the web. If your business is online, there’s a greater chance that you will reach a new customer base. It is expected that your customers are on one or multiple social media platforms.

Social media is a powerful business tool. Recently, all types of businesses are using it to reach more customers. Create high-quality, shareable content for your social media efforts. Moreover, you can use social media as a customer service platform for your existing clients.

Do not forget to optimize your website. Ensure that it loads quickly for desktop and mobile devices. It should have a simple structure to help them quickly understand and navigate your website.

Finally, consider including media releases within your approach to online visibility. Successful approaches to online marketing continue to take advantage of visibility through online publications. There are plenty of news categories out there, meaning that almost any business can get their message across in a relevant way – have a look at this list of categories by Get the Word Out for an example.

Today, potential customers will do research first before taking action. A mere search on Google with “near me” keywords can point to your website or business. Thus, online visibility through social media platforms and websites is crucial.

Offer Incentives and Discounts

Retain and invite more consumers by giving them something to look forward to– a small incentive or discount will do. Everyone loves free incentives and discounts. It gives them a feeling of appreciation.

Instead of waiting for word-of-mouth marketing to succeed, some laundry businesses offer referral programs to their loyal clients. If someone can recommend their business to their friends or acquaintances, they can earn rewards or incentives. It is a simple act that encourages your client to help you invite more people.

Moreover, you can give discount coupons whenever there is a business event, or give out a loyalty card that gives them an incentive every 5th visit. Keep your consumers interested in your services.

Host an Event


People are used to businesses hosting events. However, with the current situation, most businesses are hosting virtual events. You can offer giveaways or freebies whenever your business marks an achievement or in celebration of major holidays. Customers love to join these events, and word-of-mouth can be an effective strategy to drive potential customers.

Takeaway Points

Several laundry businesses like are striving today because of the pandemic, and you have to stand out from them. Use smart technology, high-quality equipment, and adapt to digital marketing to ensure you have a competitive edge.

Take these suggestions with you– they are timely and timeless procedures for businesses. Each of them will keep your consumers happy and satisfied with your services. Always create calculated decisions and accept risks when needed. If you find your business is in a dormant state again, go back to these techniques, improving your current ones.