Traditionally, a number of B2B businesses would take orders over the phone or in-person sales that would require getting back to the office to finalize payments. More and more, though, B2B businesses realize that by using technology to their advantage, they can improve their services and have smoother and quicker operations. One of the technologies they can use to their advantage is the point of sale (POS) software solutions, like the ones from which provide reliable service at a great price.

Not sure whether or not you actually need a POS software solution? Keep reading and see why they are a great solution for your B2B business.


Empower Your Sales People

When your salespeople are out on the road it’s hard enough to make a sales pitch, let alone close a sale. Equipping them with a portable POS system can allow them to look up product information as well as process sales on the go.

The POS software that you choose should be able to work offline and have mobile capabilities, as well as the ability to connect to an existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform (if you have one). It should also allow your salespeople to create orders, invoices, and manage a list of contacts. This on-hand information will help them respond to their customers quickly, build trust, and ultimately close more sales.

Customer Convenience

Providing your customers with the ability to do credit and debit transactions instead of signing invoices or cheques is convenient and makes them more receptive to making on-the-spot purchases. It also gets money to your business faster instead of having to follow up on orders or wait for invoices to process.

When you spend less time processing and managing invoices and orders, you’ll have more time to focus on your customers and the products/services that you offer. More time spent on your customers means happier clients and also more opportunities to make successful sales.


Plenty of Features

The right merchant services provider will equip you with a POS system that has a number of features to help your business, including:

  • Cloud-based solutions that allow you to manage your business and track data remotely
  • 24/7 technical support for unexpected issues
  • Ability to view sales and order histories with customer profile creation
  • The latest authentication and encryption technology to protect customer data
  • Automatically creates and sends purchase orders to vendors when inventory is low
  • Provides analytics and insights to identify sales trends, track customer spending, and more

These features allow your B2B business to operate at heightened levels where your whole business can access, manage, and process information all live and on the same cloud-based platform. That way everyone is on the same page and you can track your business all in real-time.

Reliable, cost-effective point of sales solutions empower B2B businesses with the ability to grow faster and run their operations more smoothly. If a B2B business isn’t using technology to simplify their processes and provide better customer solutions, then they’ll surely be left in the dust and fall behind their competition.