Modern business is understood as one of sets the main conditions for success quick retrieval and real use information. Over the past years, regional security has undergone dramatic changes, resulting in new previously unknown threats, file attacks, ransomware, and crypto-miners. Targeted attacks on companies are constantly evolving and pose increasing threats. Targeted attacks on companies are becoming a growing threat.

Whether we use IoT, Cloud, or both, we are increasingly faced with the challenging provision of our own IT environment with professional solutions. After all, anyone who is not up to date with the current situation cannot immediately analyze and defend themselves from the attacker, nor for spreading the consequent damage. Not only large companies and corporations are endangered, but also small and medium enterprises.

What is EDR?


EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) is a modern application solution that integrates into your Intranet environment or is accessed via the Internet using a secure and encrypted connection. Documents stored in the system can be very different in their nature and origin. These can be documents created by scanning paper originals, but also documents that are originally in digital form. In the case of scanned documents, they are defined by a set of determinants that are entered and assigned to the document during scanning and processing.

For documents that are originally in digital form, this is not so important, although it may be useful. They allow you to search the entire contents of the document. The determinants may be common, such as the date and time of the document, and specific to a particular business need, such as the name of the company and the date of payment of the invoice.

Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Optimum together with Kaspersky Sandbox solution. The basic elements of the solution are:

– Protection for endpoints, servers, and gateway devices

– Simplified safety, management, and delegation

– Reinforced systems and improved productivity

– Improved detection of attacks and security threats

– Save time through automation of the operating system and software tasks

– Reduction of the total cost of ownership and complexity

– Simplified migration

Simple endpoint protection is no longer enough


The software used must provide protection, but also be simple and practical to use. Cybercriminals have managed to systematically modify hash functions and encrypt character strings ever since the authors of the malware managed to easily bypass signature-based detection and binary scanners.

Their attacks are increasingly based on memory-based malware, so it doesn’t even leave a mark on the hard drive. Therefore, very often only EDR helps, which is offered as a solution for proactive protection.

The right concept of protection is the key to a company’s success


The first step to the success of any company is protection against cybercrime, which is becoming more widespread. Security managers can monitor attacker activities in real-time, while endpoint activity that could have a security impact is fully monitored using EDR technology. In this way, they can see which commands the attackers are executing and which techniques they use when attempting an intrusion or while in the environment.



Today’s IT threats are made to bypass traditional safety tools and unnoticed enter the system and compromise it, all with the goal of serious business and financial consequences for the organization. System security is implemented on more levels. Access to the system is protected by standard user authorization. Every system user must have a username and password.

Access either which document is recorded in the system. Any login to is also recorded in the system – either successful or unsuccessful. Log in and access information documents are an only available to system administrators. Communication between the server and the user computers can be secured and encrypted with SSL encryption as needed.

What are the benefits of Endpoint Detection and Response?


There are several good reasons to use EDR to protect your business. In addition to detecting and monitoring all unauthorized activities, EDR also detects the sources of attacks. In addition, it stops the attack and repairs the detected incidents.

Any EDR solution to be efficient and justify the money invested requires the use of certain resources in terms of knowledge, time, and people. With no doubt, this is certainly something every business need, no matter how small or big it is. If you want to improve your network security you need to contact Clearnetwork service.

What else do I need to know about EDR?


Then when you manage to understand why EDR is so important in business, you will know what kind of solution you need. To make this job easier for you, we will list the key features you need to look for in EDR.



This will allow you to see the activities of your enemy and if you notice that you are threatened, you will be able to stop him immediately.

Quick answer

What EDR allows you to do is react quickly to incidents, so you can stop an attack before it happens.

Final thoughts

More than a quarter of the companies (28%) that implemented the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution were able to detect cyber-attacks within just a few hours or even almost immediately after the incident. Timely detection of cyber incidents is necessary in order to reduced losses due to cyber-attacks. The longer cybercriminals go unnoticed on the corporate network, the more data they will gather and get closer to the company’s key assets.

EDR enables efficient management of various types of electronic documents. EDR is easy to administer, provides the possibility of centralized maintenance and application of security procedures. Users are able to organize documents according to their own needs. Each access to documents is recorded in the system, and access rights can be set to the level of individual user and document.

The service is primarily intended for all organizations that may not have internal resources, skills, knowledge, time, or ability to take over this critical process, but it is not uncommon for large companies that have internal resources to choose to use such a service because they can implement it in a shorter time quality security solution.