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Subscription billing solution is a process of billing your customers a specific amount regularly. The process is aimed at giving clients information on what they ought to pay, when they should, and why the need to. Many businesses are using this process to get payments for their goods and services.

A subscription billing or a recurring billion solution is complicated. It entails customer care, products, reporting, and accounting. According to, this is why business owners need to conduct an intensive study on the subscription billing solution. Below are a few things you need to check for before applying on any subscription billing solution.

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Get a subscription billing solution that can easily be integrated into your business systems. Always check for features that are compatible with the different applications you need to run your operations.

In addition, also look for a solution that offers your business a robust API. This is handy for various in-house operations. It’s essential, too, to get one that has a developer platform for you to integrate or create your applications.

Payment types

Billing solutions go hand in hand with the kind of payments you accept in your business. Whether credit cards, ACH payments, or PayPal, make sure the billing solution is compatible with all the payment types available for your business. You can also get one with additional payments features for when you want to expand your operations.

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When applying for any technological solution, it’s paramount to choose one that’s flexible to suit the changes within your operations. Get a billing solution that allows for upgrades or downgrades. Also, make sure it can accommodate changes like subscription cancellation. You also need to be able to make changes, in case of declined payments or other unforeseen actions.

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Customer service settings

You need a billing solution that allows you to check and make changes on your customer account whenever the need arises. Customers might call you or email you requesting you to make changes on their billing information. For instance, one might move to a different location, thus requiring you to make changes on their billing address.

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Being able to make a change will also ensure your customers get quality services no matter what factors surround them. You’ll also avoid getting late payments from clients due to misunderstandings.

Process multiple processes

While many might focus on billing compatibilities, there are many other aspects that billing solutions need to fulfill. As a business owner, it’s more advantageous for your business to get an all-rounded billing solution. Get one that can handle multiple processes like simple accounting process, including credit card reporting, financial reporting, or sales analysis.

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Recording payments

The purpose of any billion solutions is to ensure that customers get their bills on time to make the necessary payments. Manually keying in these data will take a lot of time and Internet cost. However, getting a billing solution that can record, track revenues paid or deferred payments, will save you from many tedious processes. With proper records, you’ll be able to go through audits without the worry and pressure from the authorities.