It’s been a long time since the electronic mobile gadget became the preferred digital platform, and today it has become the main window for content, commerce, entertainment and customer interaction. The digital world has moved from messengers to virtual assistants like Alice or Siri, outlining a background of constant change. This has led to a parallel development of content consumption trends. Consumers began to have access to digital content, which allows you to promote your business very quickly.

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Make a plan for working with content

To work productively with content, you need to have a clear idea of what you are going to publish and when. The competition in social media is growing, so you will have to fight for users’ attention by creating unique texts and pictures.

By no means should you stop at just one type of content. It is important to be able to combine them in your profile.

  • The content must be selling. As the name suggests, you need to sell your products or services. It should not exceed 20% of your content. Don’t overdo it, people come to social media to socialize and have fun. But they will buy from you if you do it right.
  • Promotions. Promotions are special offers that focus not on lowering the cost of a product, but on getting an extra bonus. Often these ways of stimulating sales work better than discounts because they help to increase the average check or free up inventory of low-demand items. To make promotions work for your business, you need to design your promotional posts properly. The picture should match the theme. You need to write something appealing on the picture. For example: “Hot promotions”. It is important to specify the timing of the promotion, what product or service will be provided on favorable terms for the buyer.
  • SALE. SALE is a word that pleases the eye of both the glamorous shopaholic and the thrifty shopkeeper. Usually, discounts are timed to coincide with a holiday. For example, on Teacher’s Day. All teachers can be offered good prices on goods. The message about the discounts should attract attention. Be sure to specify the size of the discounts and when they start.
  • Before/after photos. Photos like these are a great way to show your competence. A photo or video before the person asked for your product or service should show the problems of your target audience. The photo after you have helped the client or customer should be perfect. On such content, you can “linger,” comparing images and finding changes. And, of course, the user will want you to cover their pains and needs just as well as you did for the customer in your post.

Identify your main competitors


Many entrepreneurs are genuinely surprised when they find out that someone offers their customers a similar product on better terms. Keep an eye on your competitors so you don’t find yourself in a similar situation.

The answers to the questions below will help you do just that:

  • What large companies are your competitors?
  • How do they compete with you? How are these companies’ offerings similar to yours?
  • How do competitors’ offerings affect your business and marketing?

Tell your audience why your offerings remain the best in the marketplace. Don’t criticize your competitors; base your marketing campaign on positive messages.

Engaging content

This type of content is necessary to increase engagement. You need to stimulate activity on the page, thereby increasing your reach. The smart feed algorithms of Instagram or Facebook don’t like profiles or communities that are poorly liked or commented on. Therefore, there can be ranking problems if you don’t pump up this metric.


Everyone likes to be asked their opinion. So, pick a poll topic, post it in your feed or on instagram. This kind of content is also useful for identifying audience needs, such as if you’re asking a question about your product or service. Don’t forget the option: your response in the comments. People like it when their opinion differs from the majority opinion. Give them that treat.

Useful content


Users need it because they can learn something new and interesting from useful, informative posts. If you publish this kind of content regularly, people will know you have it and will even come to you for it. As part of the publication, you can lead the reader to think about buying something from you that can close out the pain for which this helpful post was written.


To show your expertise, you can write a post about something you know about. For an Instagram beauty blog, you could do a post about which cream is best for a certain skin type. For a pillow company, you could write about how to wash pillowcases. In this case, you act as an expert and make recommendations to your subscribers.

Reputation content

This content for a social media business is essential for users to trust you. No one wants to buy goods or services from a questionable character on social media. You can increase your trust score with posts that talk about you and your team.


Show what’s inside your company. Who provides services, who works with your product, what new skills you’ve learned. Be sure to talk about how great your employees are, what equipment you use, and even how well you vacation.

Posts with opinion leaders and celebrities

The presence of stars, bloggers and other famous personalities in your content – builds user trust. This alone makes selebs use your services. A photo with a celebrity satisfied with your work or product is a must.

Case Studies


Case study posts impact your reputation and credibility. This content for businesses on social media is also a type of useful content. After all, this is how you share your experiences. Show how you were able to get good results for your client, and it will help your audience trust you.