Some people may live to work – but you work to live, turning the modern world’s hustle culture on its head. But just because you put your lifestyle and well-being at the forefront doesn’t mean you don’t have ambition. In fact, by prioritizing what you do with your time outside of income-generating efforts, you’re unlocking the secret to fulfillment.

Develop an income strategy that serves your needs in healthy financial times and in preparation for the unexpected. Passive income streams, smart investments, and savvy investment management processes free up time to integrate health and wellness in your life without sacrificing your finances. You can focus attention on wellness by enabling your income to flow without your active, daily involvement.

1. Develop a Passive Income Strategy That Gives You Lifestyle Freedom


Most individuals trade their time for money, but you’re interested in using your time differently. Whether you’re pursuing physical wellness, mental clarity, or spiritual awakening, those goals take time to achieve. Plus, the expense of lifestyle endeavors can add up, especially when you add training, travel and the pursuit of other hobbies or passions to the mix.

Get the best of both worlds by developing a passive income strategy that generates income while leveraging your interests. Consider your areas of professional and personal expertise, then identify ways to monetize them. If you’re an avid cyclist, say, you may learn that there’s an active online community you can connect with. Share your cycling journey online, make recommendations, and connect with other like-minded cyclists. Your blog can become an income generator when you line up advertisers or develop gated content to sell.

If social media influencing hasn’t been on your radar, reconsider your perceptions of the profession. The targeted audiences social media influencers attract can lead to big business for those working with them. Through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and co-branded products, influencers use social proof to drive buying decisions.

Experts have found that 80% of consumer buying decisions are influenced by a friend’s social media posts. This digital word-of-mouth isn’t limited to friends people know in their real lives. Social media personalities, especially those with a shared interest or specific expertise, can gain the same level of trust if you are trustworthy.

Use your social media channels to share your cycling journey authentically. Take followers along for the ride, while sharing the products you love. Set up affiliate links with brands and major sellers like Amazon, where you can create a storefront of curated products. Followers can shop through your links, save them, and even follow your affiliate page within Amazon.

For a modest time and effort investment, you get a cut of what they buy. Plus, as your audience grows, you can collaborate with brands directly on special paid partnerships, all while talking about something you love.

2. Invest Your Assets to Support Your Changing Health and Wellness Needs


To achieve true wellness, leverage the power of investments toward your health goals, which are essential for health now and as you age. As Lifestyle Investing authority Justin Donald notes, “Good health is the foundation of almost everything. Wealth is nothing more than a fragile concept without it.” Protect both your income and your long-term well-being by leveraging your assets to their fullest potential.

A health savings account is practically essential with today’s commonplace high-deductible health plans. HSA accounts allow owners to set aside pre-tax income for qualified health expenses.

There are no “use it or lose it” provisions with HSAs, so these accounts can grow over time. Request reimbursements as you incur expenses or wait to dip into funds until later. You’ll need to keep your receipts, but you can request funds years or decades later.

Once your account balance has grown to a point you’re comfortable, consider investing a portion of your balance. The ability to be able to invest how you choose is dependent on your account custodian – so review plan documents to confirm this option.

Pair your HSA with a HSA-compatible flexible spending account. FSA accounts can be used for dental or vision expenses plus deductibles after meeting federal limits. These use-it-or-lose-it accounts can be especially helpful when you’re covering multiple family members. Together, HSA and FSA accounts can reduce your tax exposure and ensure your healthcare needs are supported throughout your life.

3. Create Investment Management Processes That Ensure Success With Less Hands-On Time


To yield the wellness benefits you’re after, your investment strategy will need to provide sufficient income without consuming all your time. Maximize the income-generating possibilities of your investments by establishing effective investment management processes. Assess your current procedures and determine how you can reduce active decision-making and time investment. Consider how involved you are in your investments today and identify ways to reduce active touchpoints.

If real estate assets are part of your portfolio, there are effective methods for streamlining your involvement. Vacation rentals can be a great way to earn passive income, gain access to desirable destinations, and build your portfolio. Operating a rental can be time-intensive, which can take away from your wellness lifestyle goals – but weigh the investment against other goals.

Online vacation rental services can help you lure vacationers to your properties and manage bookings. However, this is only part of the vacation rental equation. After you’ve successfully booked a guest, you’ll need to ensure your place is ready to welcome them. Partner with a property management company to handle the on-site preparation and maintenance of your properties. You’ll need to calculate the cost of this service against your obligations, amortizing the initial investment against your long-term strategy.


The cost of these services may cut into your profits somewhat, but robust management ensures the value of your assets will grow over time. Assess your portfolio and your goals to determine what you buy and when. If you focus on vacation rentals that you’d also like to use, you’ll eliminate that cost from your personal budget. Learn to spot the type of deals that will benefit you and your family the most. Of course, you don’t go headlong into deals you know nothing about. Read, and find information from experts until you are ready to dive in.

As your property values grow, you can use their appreciation to enable investments in additional properties or pursue other investments. Real estate also offers tax advantages, resulting in lower annual tax obligations, which can offset the impact of other earnings. By depreciating your assets and writing off improvements and maintenance costs, you can maximize the value of your investments.

Fueling Your Wellness Lifestyle With Smart Investments

To build a lifestyle that supports your wellness goals, strive to monetize the things that already interest you. Develop an authentic online presence, invest your assets wisely, and connect them with your interests for an effective income strategy. Curate an investment strategy that maximizes your assets, leverages your interests, and prioritizes your wellness for life.

Though a creating a lifestyle with freedom and wellness does not come easily nor overnight. With study and thoughtful, consistent investment strategy – you can find your way to a better life for you, your family and friends; a life that is one of your choosing.