If you are more likely to control the consumer portfolio and calculate outcomes from a financial viewpoint, a staffing agency or recruitment agency is the best choice for you!

So, is it better to turn to a recruiting firm to help you fill your vacant jobs?

Let us see the key factors why companies are resorting to recruiting firms and establishing stronger links with them:

1. Access to the best talent


A recruiting firm provides exposure to the best possible talent, including links to applicants actively pursuing jobs, as well as already employed individuals. Recruiting companies have several networks, and each agent can use their networks to better link you to the right people. Most recruitment agencies are experienced in specific fields or roles, so they also have a list of extremely skilled applicants at their fingertips. They also are experts in ensuring that prospective candidates are a good fit.

2. Saves time

Time is money, and your company may save valuable time just by using a staffing agency. Hiring cycle is very time-consuming, and recruiting firms are experts that already possess a large application pool with skilled prospects. Exposure to qualified recruits is a huge asset that can reduce the whole recruiting cycle substantially. The right applicant will be hired even more efficiently. With this fast turnaround on the filling of the vacancies, the organization is also increasing its overall efficiency. A recruiting firm will guarantee that the time you spent in the selection phase is appropriately committed to applications worth considering and will manage all administrative activities, such as contact with applicants, knowledge verification

3. In-depth knowledge of the market


The best staffing agencies will have an insight into specialty markets. Hence, they provide input into what is happening in the market. They will know the available talent, where they are and how to reach them, expected and current salary, career goals, job expectations, ability sets required, and nuances of the new recruiting. The right recruiting firms will serve as allies and associates, who will be your eyes and ears for prospects and markets. Moreover, these staffing firms will be mindful of both the applicable standards and legal issues specific to the sector in which they work.

4. Finds the perfect fit for specialized roles!

Your demands can often be exact. They could be too narrow that you need some specialist to recognize the candidates in that field and have someone with a directory to pull them. In such a scenario, having a recruiting firm ensures that the vacancy can be shortlisted only by applicants who are thoroughly eligible for the job. Furthermore, a recruiting agent will handle the entire procedure by removing unqualified applicants and answering any concerns regarding the position.

5. If you are just starting up


When small home-owned businesses are ready to expand, they look for employing their first staff member. It is therefore vital to follow the right laws and procedures and to find the right person for your business. Before they can start the process of finding someone, they need to meet the hiring workers’ requirements.  Recruitment agencies are already familiar with these laws and procedures so small businesses don’t need to worry about employment contracts. Moreover, small companies lack the know-how and expertise to identify and recruit the right applicants. They should opt to use the recruiting agency resources to ensure that their selection method is conducted efficiently and adequately.

6. Not just candidates but additional services!

Recruitment companies usually provide a variety of specialized services, such as skills assessment, emotional intelligence, and psychometric tests. These tests help provide an employer with valuable insight into potential recruits. Sourcing these assessments separately is time-consuming and expensive.

7. If you are confused on current salary packages


If a company is indeterminate about the exact wage for the open role, the recruiting company is well qualified to offer a realistic market rate. Recruitment agencies utilize compensation data and awareness of the local sector to provide employers with details of what individuals are earning for a similar role locally, nationally, and globally.

8. The problem of temporary hires

Another excellent incentive to choose a recruiting firm is that they provide their employers with consistency in their employment plans to satisfy seasonal market demand, for instance, holiday coverage in busy periods and contractual project-based hires. Recruiting agencies to take away a tremendous amount of pressure and frustration from enterprises who require easy access to temporary applicants.

9. Employee Retention


The most significant aspect of having a recruiting agency is that they offer extra protection when it comes to the selection of potential recruits. Recruiting companies give assurance period that the new hire will remain with the business for a minimum specified period. When the recent hire is fired or exits because of the expiry of a warranty contract, employers can obtain a complete refund from recruiting companies or, more often, select a suitable substitute employee with no additional expense.

10. Attracts the right talent for all open positions

A lot of talent recruitment is targeted at attracting applicants, whether they respond to an advertisement or submit through a website. Many of these candidates will not be good fits for the job. Hence, employers spend a lot of time screening, analyzing, matching and interacting with them. Many in-house recruiting teams lack the resources and time to conduct a rigorous identification process. Using a recruiting service implies that employers can have only those applicants that have been filtered through specified criteria and fulfil all the qualifications that the hiring company are aiming for and who are deserving of consideration and interview.

So that you have decided you need a recruitment agency – now what?


You can find your local area and national staffing agencies through a simple google search. For instance, Scion Staffing is an award-winning full-service executive search firm, direct-hire and contractual hiring company delivering outstanding expertise for hiring talented candidates to its clients. With over 14,000,000 candidate options, Scion has unparalleled reach into national and local networks.

Conclusively, you will hire and keep the best employees faster and much cheaper by choosing the correct Recruitment Company.