So, you have plans to start your very own insurance firm. Now what? Which steps to take next?

Most insurance agencies succumb at the onset due to incompetency or lack of proper knowledge and training of staff and personnel. Thus, proper dissemination of a basic understanding of core areas and tenets is a priority. So, first thighs first, you need to work on training the staff members. Initially, you will not have many employees, but you will have to work on sketching the right training program if you want your agency to develop considerably and consistently.

The first step here is determining the staff members you will be training and the courses’ objectives. Next, develop the training plan and execute it in the right way to keep track of each of the employees’ training objectives. Of course, you will be having insurance agents, surveyors, and assessors working for you.

So, you must come up with training programs specifically geared towards providing the right knowledge and skills to these professionals. Merely drafting appropriate plans can never be the right solution for you. Planning must be accompanied with proper implementation and ensuring adequate quality control assessments. These might include periodic assessments and analysis of performance of your candidates to ascertain future course.

Training for the Newbies


The new, young, and inexperienced insurance agents will not have any license to serve. Hence, they will require education on the fundamentals of insurance and its basic principles. However, reiterating conceptions does not work, instead emphasis should be on the deeper understanding of the practicality behind such concepts.

In addition, they need education on different state-specific insurance rules and regulations. The majority of the states require the agents to undertake and pass certified insurance courses for the different licenses they require. Therefore, you will have to ensure that the candidates are well versed with the obligations associated with the assessment.

There are situations when the new hires might require several classes to gain certification in varied insurance areas. The new hires also need training on the standard processes in their employee handbooks. They need to be made aware of the implementation protocols of standard or routine training processes in real life scenarios.

Training for the Existing Staff

The licensed insurance agents and surveyors need to stay current and informed about the different changes taking place in insurance policies, rules, and regulations.

In many states, experienced insurance agents need to undertake continuing education courses for renewing their state insurance licenses. In many insurance companies, the staff should obtain detailed insurance designation as well.

Training for Ongoing Development


The ultimate objectives for the majority of the insurance agencies are gaining expertise in the insurance sector and providing excellent customer solutions. This requires every staff member working for the company to take up ongoing development and training classes.

Such classes involve training the professionals on standard agency processes such as workflows. The different technologies used in the insurance agency and the type of customer service provided should also be included in the ongoing development training.

Apart from this, the professionals should also be enabled to expand their knowledge in some other new areas such as insurance marketing by giving them the right kind of training.

Training Methodologies

Different training methodologies can be used for providing insurance education to professionals working in an insurance agency. These include:



Using a mentorship training program is one of the most successful ways of providing the required education in the insurance sector. You can ask some of the successful insurance agents working for your company to mentor the new agents.

You can ask them to help the new insurance agents in learning everything about this business. This is one of the best approaches you can use for training the new customer service executives and producers.

Reviewing Recorded Calls

The new agents can improvise the way they approach clients by recording their calls and reviewing the same. This helps in determining whether they require more training and knowledge on insurance policies and terms.

When trying to review the insurance agents’ calls, you must listen to them carefully and then review them in the presence of the employees. Offer them good advice and suggestions on improving customer experience. Try helping them with different insurance procedures they do not have a good understanding of.

Insurance Continuing Education Training Programs


In most states, the insurance departments require insurance agents to undertake additional classes or continuing insurance education to maintain their license.

In some states, aspiring agents must take up specific classes such as errors and omissions, flood, and ethics. So, it works to offer continuing insurance education to your employees.

Insurance Continuing Education requirements have minute nuances and regulations on the commitment hours, specialized training requirements and course preferences. You must make sure that you are well versed with these nitty-gritties of state laws and regulations of CE requirements.

In many situations the compliance standards of insurance producers differ based on the experience level and the type of insurance. Agents may also have to face different conditions in different states and protocols in renewal and application procedure. Thus, careful checks of these procedures must be noted too.

Making the Effective Use of Videos

Videos are among the finest resources for training insurance staff. Many vendors, industry consultants, and carriers possess video channels helping in agent education and training. This is one quick way of reviewing daily tasks and necessary procedures.

Webinars and Conferences


Webinars are widely available online and that too on different insurance-related subjects. These can either be free or paid. You can search for the topics you are looking to add to your training plan.

In the same way, attending conferences can also help in training the employees. You can even search for different events committed to dealing with insurance topics. These can be highly beneficial.


Insurance training is one of the most integral parts of creating a thriving insurance agency. As a business owner, you need to develop a plan that helps build confidence in the new agents while enforcing commitment in the existing ones. Visit to get the necessary information.