Hiring the right people is critical to the success of your company. However, spotting the right talent can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. Why not consider using a recruitment agency? A recruitment agency helps companies identify and hire suitable candidates for a specific position while keeping the interests of both parties in mind. If you are an HR looking to fill a particular role in your organization, here are nine reasons to consider partnering with a recruitment agency.

1. Improved hiring speed

The recruitment process can be pretty time-consuming, from writing a job description, interviewing candidates, and performing background checks to identifying the best person for the role. Hiring is also not the primary responsibility of managing directors, technical leads, and HR, who could speed up the hiring process to focus on their jobs. This could lead to overlooking the best quality job applicant for a role, so you should consider using a recruitment agency.


Recruitment agencies like Vetted have access to a large talent pool and meaningful connections they could exploit to help find the right candidate for a job. The agencies will only submit candidates who meet your expectation for reviewing. This does not only speed up the hiring process. It also frees up your time, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your company.

2. Cost efficiency


One of the most significant reasons to work with a recruitment agency is guaranteed short-term and long-term cost savings. This is because recruitment agencies have access to top job boards, so you can be sure your job advert will be seen by a wider pool of candidates. While you can post single one-off job adverts with a specific agency, you will likely incur more costs over time.

Using a recruitment agency can also help you cut the cost of reviewing candidates’ resumes and interviews, which will likely add up over time. What’s more? If you work with a specific recruitment agency for an extended period, you will incur minimal hiring costs in the future as the agency will already be familiar with the organization and your needs. Some agencies even offer training services to help candidates improve their skills, enabling you to save the cost of implementing employee training programs.

3. Assistance with hard-to-fill positions

Finding the right people to fill vacancies in industries like life sciences and biotechnology can be challenging. This is because a candidate has to meet specific requirements and possess certain certifications and qualifications. There is also a limited talent pool, which makes locating the right person for the job difficult, so you should consider working with a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies have a comprehensive database and a network of connections they can exploit to locate hard-to-find candidates with unique hard skills and qualifications. The agencies can also review and reject applications that do not fit your initial requirements, enabling you to save time and money.

4. Access to high-quality candidate network


It can be frustrating to sift through applications and meet candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements for a specific position. Consider working with a recruitment agency to access a high-quality candidate network. Recruitment firms have vast databases with thousands of CVs, giving them access to high-quality candidates.

5. Tap into the recruiter’s expertise

Sometimes, as an HR, you are required to fill positions in which you have little or no knowledge and expertise. This means finding the right talent for such positions can be tricky and challenging, and this is where a specialist recruiter’s expertise comes in. Recruitment agencies have specialists with in-depth knowledge, background, and experience in the fields they are recruiting candidates for, which can benefit your company. They can help you identify, screen, and choose the perfect candidate for a position to give you an edge over your competition.

6. Wider reach


Locating the right person for a role can be overwhelming, especially when you limit your talent search to a single location. However, you must search across different regions to find the right individuals for a position, which is often easier said than done. Recruitment agencies have access to candidates across a broader geographic location and will likely connect you to an individual ideal for a specific position.

A specialist recruiter can also connect you with a talented individual who may not even be actively looking for a job but is open to opportunities tailored to their skills and experience.

7. Helpful insights into your industry

The best recruitment agencies do not solely work with top candidates. They also interact with other companies of different sizes, from startups to established entities, as they offer recruitment, outsourcing, and training services. This means they gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in the various fields they work in. If you nurture an excellent working relationship with a specific recruitment agency, you will likely gain helpful advice and insights into the market, which can help you achieve your company’s bottom line.

8. Additional services


Perhaps one of the most time-consuming aspects of adding a new member to your team is performing background checks. You must follow up on the references the candidate provides, interview them, and evaluate whether or not the job seeker matches the information provided on their resume.

By using a recruitment agency, you are guaranteed that the candidates you review have already passed preliminary tests. This is because specialized recruiters offer provisional tests as an additional service. Other additional services offered by recruitment agencies include:

  • Executive search services
  • Psychometric testing services
  • Managed and project assistance services

Be sure to determine the additional services a specific recruitment agency offers before hiring to maximize your investment.

9. Assistance in negotiating salaries


A recruitment agency will not only point out suitable candidates for a specific role. They also help negotiate the charges incurred in the recruitment process.  Agencies have quality tools that help you compare compensation packages within your field to develop a favorable wage range before negotiations.

A trustworthy recruiter will negotiate on behalf of both parties to ensure each gets fair compensation. Be sure to be clear about your expectations beforehand to speed up the hiring process and increase the chances of reaching an agreement.


Using a recruitment agency helps you save time and money, gain insights into your industry,  assist in hard-to-fill roles, and access a high-quality candidate network. Find a reputable recruitment agency near you today to enjoy the above benefits.