A very unsatisfactory year is behind us. It was not difficult to predict that a global pandemic will have devastating effects on the world’s economy. But there is also some good news for those interested in different investment tactics when it comes to expanding their financial assets. And that news is that just like after every crisis, there will be a period of growth following it. With numerous vaccines being distributed to the people, a stable economy is just a matter of time. Now those intrigued by investing their money could go with stocks or real estate.

But there are some flaws with those two, one can be too risky, and the other can be overpriced for someone entering the field. That is why the best possible solution is to go with fixed income bond funds. Some might be confused and in need of additional information. Others are maybe already familiar with the topic and are only trying to select the best possible investments. In both cases, you can read more here. But if you are also intrigued by what are the best-fixed income funds to buy in 2024, you can always check out our list.

1. Fidelity U.S. Bond Index


Different funds could be superior to each other in various ways. There is no easy way to list them in order. And then declare one of them the winner of the gold medal. But if you are looking to invest in Fidelity U.S. Bond Index, then a great choice has been made. Not only for the right now, but for the considerable future. It is a portfolio that is extremely variegated, with over two thousand and three hundred bonds. With economic charges and so many stocks in their portfolio, they are an excellent pick for anyone who wants certainty in these uncertain times. After all, it will be next to impossible to completely predict what stocks will rise and which will not rise in a recovering economy after COVID-19. And that is where their main strengths are. While there are many bonds in this bond index, that doesn’t mean these are low-quality ones.  When graded by experts, almost 100 percent of them are deemed worthy of investment. With an expense ratio of 0.025 %, it is incredibly fruitful. That means, every year, you are paying five dollars for every 20 000 dollars that are invested.  Now that looks like an opportunity that no one should miss.

2. Metropolitan West Total Return Bond M


The next one on our list is the best possible option for those who are not looking to save money when investing, are looking for an experienced team and a chance to get their money ahead of schedule. Metropolitan West Total Return Bond M is perfect in what it promises. Great experts lead this fund, and some are there for over two decades. They vouch with an experience that is not that common in this field. Their primary objective is getting you the assured profit ahead of what you expected when invested. They still offer any period you would like to choose, but whatever you go with, they will give their best to fulfill the goals even faster. So if this mixture of profit and time is suitable for you, look no further.

3. Dodge & Cox Income


Perhaps you want to focus on higher profits than what shorter period investments bonds can provide. But at the same time, you want less interest-rate uncertainty than what longer period funds are known. If this center path is what you desire, then Dodge & Cox Income is the best prospect. Their portfolio is quite stimulating.  Most of their stocks are either high tier corporates or securitized debt.  Their credit quality is above what is a norm in funds that are similar to them, and their effective duration is around five years. Their expense ratio, on the other hand, is 0.42 percent. That is more expensive than many other options. But all things considered, it is definitely worth it with all that they are offering in mind.  With an experienced team that they have, they average a profit of two percent. That is a good yield, so you definitely won’t make a mistake if you go with them.

4. ARK Next Generation Internet ETF


While fairly new on the market, ARK Next Generation Internet ETF is still a viable selection. They are specializing in computers, mobile networks, AI, blockchain, and similar high tech enterprises. With a portfolio that has stocks from firms like Tesla, you know they are in the opportunity to bring us some good profits. With an expense ratio of 0.76 percent, they are not the cheapest one out there. But that is to be expected with a good opportunity. Which they are, that deals with this type of stocks. If there is something that we can easily predict, that is the next thing. Technology companies are going to be even more prominent in the future. That makes them an excellent fund to invest in.

5. Invesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETF


Another thing that we can assume is going to be a part of our future is green energies. The growth of companies that are dealing with them is something that is only a matter of time. That is why it is a great alternative for investors. But they don’t deal only with stocks that have something to do with energy. They also have stocks in information technology, utilities, materials, and other industries.  The expense ratio of 0.7 percent is not the most affordable but is within normal.

Summing up

As we have seen, there are several options out there that investors might select. No choice can claim that it is the best one for every single situation. Different people are looking for separate outcomes, so we need to find out what suits our needs most. COVID-19 has surely harmed everyone, including the economy. But how will the market recover? We can’t know which single stock will give us the most profit. That is why fixed-income funds are the way to go.